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Another warning against registering at Target...

Hey Ladies,
Just wanted to share my frustrations with Target.
1.)  After inputting our address into the registry so that people could shop online and have things shipped to us, it changed the address without notifying us (after reviewing the address, they didn't recognize it as a legitimate address--even though we'd been receiving mail there for several years).  As a result, several gifts were shipped to the wrong address before we caught the mistake.  The gifts were returned as non-deliverable (so we never got them) and the guests haven't been reimbursed.  To fix this, I have to track down my guests and get order numbers from them to fix the problem.

2.)Two weeks before the wedding, the registry stopped tagging gifts as purchased once a guest had bought them.  As a result, we ended up with 4 crockpots, 4 sets of flatware, 2 sets of glassware, and 3 games of Sorry.  The only way to fix this is to call customer service, give them the item number of each item and have them manually mark it as purchased and how many you received.

3.) When you return things to the store, you must print out your "gifts purchased log" if you don't have a gift receipt for items you wish to return. They will only refund you the value of up to $200 worth of merchandise that you wish to return without a gift reciept and that doesn't show up on your gifts purchased log. This is more than generous and completely fair....unless you run into problem #2 first. 

4.)  Anyone you talk to in customer service is completely unhelpful.  It's always one of those "oh we screwed up?  here let me offer you something completely unhelpful to make up for it" conversations. 

5.)  The dichotomy between things you can only purchase online and things you can only purchase in store only becomes clear AFTER you've gone through and done your entire registry and log into your online account to check it.  The amount of things that turned out to be in-store only presented a problem for many family members and friends as we are from different states and went to school in a 3rd state.  These items are much harder to send to us.  And with both of us working 70-80 hr/wk jobs, we found it hard to take time to add things to the registry and even it out.

6.) Finally, many guests had trouble viewing the online portion, period.  It would show all the items as "not available."  But when I logged in to check, everything looked normal. 

These are the problems I had.  Using Target was a terrible mistake.  I realize both of us working such consuming jobs leading right up to the wedding was not the best idea, but I had hoped that the registry would be one of the more fun and exciting parts of planning.  And one that I didn't have to do so much maintenance on. 

Re: Another warning against registering at Target...

  • Sorry you had trouble, OP.  Unfortunately, a lot of these problems are known problems about Target registries.  Target doesn't need to have great customer service in their registry dept. because most people shop their for their own needs, instead of for wedding gifts.  That's why stores like BBB or department stores are usually a better choice - they have a far higher percentage of customers coming in for weddings than a place like Target does.

    A number of brides on these boards have been pleased with their Target registries, so it seems to be sort of hit-or-miss.  That said, they seem to have way more complaints than any other store I read about.
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  • Like I said on someone else's post about Target:  I'm getting it out there so that other brides know that they might have problems if they go with Target.  Thanks for you amazing support on this matter.
  • To add, I bought a gift from my cousin's Target registry about a month ago. They were married August 18th. It said it would arrive way before then. That's when it was delayed. Again... and again... and again. Projected delivery date as of now? The end of September. After MY wedding. Sucks. But oh well... =/
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