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Register with Amazon?

My fiance wants to create a wishlist with Amazon for the registry. This strikes me as strange, as I thought we should be picking one-three stores to register at. Has anyone heard of this? Is he crazy? Please advise!

Re: Register with Amazon?

  • As long as you are choosing registry appropriate items (you can buy toilet paper on amazon) and you offer a brick and mortar alternate, amazon is fine for a registry choice.  I'd pick it over Target any day of the week.  Most people do 1-3 stores, so picking it as one is fine.  
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    [QUOTE]We're registered on Amazon.  There's a "Universal Add-to-Registry" button you can use so you can add things from any site (which is really helpful since Ikea doesn't offer a registry).  <strong>We also registered at some more conventional places (Macys & Williams-Sonoma) for the more traditional guests.</strong>  For the internet savvy, the Amazon system is really easy, and really well-organized (for us and guests), and we're not restricted to registering for things that come from department stores.  I recommend it.
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    I would do this as well if I were registering at Amazon.  Some people do not know how to order online or feel comfortable doing it. 
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  • We're registered at Amazon (they have a wedding registry as well as a wishlist) so we could get boardgames we can't get anywhere else.  Most of our friends (single male grad students) would rather buy us games than towels anyway so they could come over and enjoy it with us.

    We also added a safe and a fire extinguisher to our Amazon registry.  Not many places carry those so it was the only place we could think of for those items.
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