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My aunt is throwing my bridal shower or me, she wants an idea of what theme I want, only problem is we are working on buying a house and I don't have any room in our storage unit for more items so I don't want like a kitchen theme or bath theme, but a gift card theme sounds tacky, although all of guests know my current situation. What are possible themes I could have without getting gifts I don't have room for??

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    I never heard of a themed shower as in kitchen themed or bath themed.  When I think of a themed shower, I think of a theme as in decor.  When we threw my sister's shower, the theme was "something blue."

    Also, if you don't have room for gifts, can someone else store them for you?  We didn't have a lot of storage space, so my parents kept some gifts at their house for us until we moved.
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    Yeah, I hadn't heard of that type of shower either, but thats what my aunt wants so I'll let her do that, I am just grateful to be having a shower thrown for me. We don't have any where to store things unfortunately ;/ we knew we would be buying a house so we moved in with family while we search so we can save money for repairs and upgrades and are able to move once we get the keys rather than still having our townhouse for 2 months and paying for both.
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    My favorite showers are couples showers, and my favorite of those has been "Entertainment" themed. Guests give the couple games, movie and restaurant gift cards, etc. Would something like that work for you?
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    Ooh, that's a cute idea!! I really like that. I'll have to run that past my aunt, although I know she would be opposed to a couples shower, it would still work with just a ladies shower!!
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    i'd pick the theme that best fits what you NEED from shower gifts...... if thats the way your aunt is going. it seems silly for you to do a 'gift card' or 'entertainment' shower and get a bunch of games, when you have no towels or bedsheets, or dishes or whatever.
    you COULD do a 'household necessities' shower and people can buy you cleaning products, dish soap, laundry detergent, dust rags, pain relievers, cold medicine, nail polish remover, tissues, toilet paper, paper towels, band aids, swiffer stuff, trash bags, etc etc.  all the things that cost so much to stock your house, but are still pretty small in size.

    i had NO dishware by the time my shower rolled around, so if it was me, i totally would've picked a 'dishware' shower theme. haha

    also, to answer your storage question - what about mom or aunt's house!?  i took over about 1/8th of my moms basement between all my stuff, and hubby's stuff from his college apartment.  when we finally closed on the house, we moved it over.
    free storage. woot!
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    I have to be honest - I would side eye an entertainment shower.  To me, the point of a shower is to "shower" the couple with gifts for their new home/life together.  Not pay for their date nights.  It's a cute idea, but I wouldn't do it.  I would stick with a traditional shower where guests guy gifts pertaining to your home.  But that's just me.
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: Shower gifts</a>:
    [QUOTE]It's rude to ask for gift cards.  Same as asking for cash. There is no point in having a shower if you do not want gifts.  Suggest that your aunt have a brunch, luncheon, afternoon tea, ice cream social or something else besides a shower.
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    <div>Yeah this is what I was thinkig - I don't understand the point of having a shower if you don't want physical gifts.  </div>
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