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Registry Clickers?

Do stores still have the option of going around the actual store with one of those clicker things? I'm asking because we are registered at Target and I have started the registry online, but I thought it would be a fun actitvity for my guy and I to pick a registry together in an actual store. Anyone have any experience?

Re: Registry Clickers?

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    The stores have the "guns" for you to use. It's fun and I let FI handle the gun so that was his favorite part of registering! I didn't register at Target but I'm pretty sure they have them there. 
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    Target has sucky a sucky registry system.  But yes, most stores still give you the gun to scan things with.
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    Yes, Target has a gun, but the CS was horrible. We did the online registration. So far no issues with the registry itself, but I too have heard bad things. We went with them anyway, because people around here look at you like you have 3 heads if you don't register at Target, and we wanted a "cheap" place. We also did BBB and Macy's. 
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    I haven't heard of a place that doesn't have the guns (they were all the same gun too).  We had fun at first, but between juggling the item, the gun, and any sort of list you have/print out of your others to avoid duplication, and the gun not always scanning the item, it got tiring quickly.  I'd also recommend going in every store to add a few things, as not everything available online is also available in the store.  After the first two stores, I made sure to take my nieces (ages 10 and 8) with me to add store items in Williams Sonoma, they thought it was great and the worst thing that happened was they registered us for a cupcake corer when we had our backs turned...
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