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How many places?

How many places did you register for your wedding?
And what types of places?

We are going to register next weekend, just trying to get some ideas.
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Re: How many places?

  • We registered at 2, Macys and BBB.  You don't want to do more than 3 places.  Make sure each place you register at has a nice range in the price of gifts you register for.
  • We just did BBB.  They had everything we wanted so there was no need to register anywhere else.
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  • We did three places--BB&B, C&B, and Sears. 
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  • We are registering at 3 places to accomodate all price ranges properly. BBB, Kohls, and C&B.
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  • we're registered for the bulk at macy's and BBB, then some fun things at pottery barn, and bedding at restoration hardware.

    the key is giving people plenty of variety in prices and selection, but if a specific store has something you want, then don't be afraid to register there. people want to get you what you want. 
    registering doesn't force people to buy things, it just gives them options!



  • I registered at 4 places. Macy's, Wal-Mart, and two local specialty stores.
  • We registered at 2 places: BBB and Macy's.  The majority of things are on the BBB registry.  The China and some more expensive items (Lenox, etc) are on the Macy's registry.
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  • I like the idea of doing a few big stores (Macys, Target) and then adding a few smaller fun stores. I'm using bc all my friends have used it and it's really simple for guests to use. And I like the idea of adding from wherever I want. It's super easy to sync your registries from Macys, Target, etc and then you can manage your registries all in one place. And then if you want to add items from different stores (I love Antrhopologies housewares, and home decor from Pier 1). 
    I do all my shopping online anyways so it makes it fun and easy to manage. 
    Good luck :-)
  • You get a completion discount with many, so it doesn't hurt to have a few extra, even if you keep them more quiet.  
  • I registered at 4 places; BBB, JC Penney and Amazon because they have the dish set that we want, and then REI because we are very active and love the outdoors.
  • Three.  

    Home Depot

    We each own homes and do not need more stuff.  Home supplies are always useful.  They let us return the duplicates for gift cards to be used in the future. 
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