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MIL strange reaction VENT

My future inlaws threw a party welcoming me to the family the other night and invited all of his family and their best friends.

The inlaws best friends (a married couple) came over to me, introduced themselves, hugged me, and handed me an envelope. I of course said thank you and since they stood there, looking at me with this envelope,  I opened it. It was a gift of cash which I hugged them both again and said thank you.

My future MIL FREAKED out! She literally ran across the room to where we were standing, took the card from me, and said all gifts go in this basket. Let me say right now, I did not know there was even going to be gifts given at this party. I just thought it was to introduce me to the family.

I found out today that not only did she take all the envelopes home with her, but she opened every one to see how much money was in each envelope.

So basically it was a bridal shower I guess and I didn't get to open a single gift. Of course, MIL was nice enough to remind me that I should start on the thank you cards this weekend.
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