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How many people at a bridal shower?

My MOH has asked me what I'd like for a shower, and a couple of my aunts have mentioned a shower too.  I'd really like to just have one shower for both family and friends; however, I have a really large family, and I'm close to everyone (aunts, cousins, etc).  I just put together a preliminary shower guest list to give my MOH an idea, and I have over 50 people.  Only 7 people on the list are non-relatives/non-bridal party.  FI has a really small family and probably only 2 of his relatives may be attending, if any, so most of it is my family.

Would 50-55 people be too much for one shower? My parents are divorced, but everyone is friendly and there wouldn't be any problems having everyone together. I guess the most logical alternative would be to have one for my mom's side, and one for my dad's side, and invite my friends to one of those.  But I'd really prefer to have one. 
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