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asking for cash

My fiance and I would rather not receive gifts.  We live in NYC where space/storage is limited.  Is it wrong to ask for cash gifts from guests we are inviting?  We would like to put it into a ROTH account or a 401K where it gains interest and we could put toward our future and not touch.  Is this totally against the rules?  If it is acceptable, how do we tactfully ask people to do this?

Thanks for the advice!

Re: asking for cash

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    No No No. It's rude and tacky.  This same topic comes up 10X a day and the answer is still the same.
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    Just don't register for anything and most people will get the hint on their own. You will probably still get a few gifts, but you can return what you won't use.
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    Put yourself into your guests shoes.  Take away all thoughts of what you want and put your mind in the guest role.  What would you think if a B&G said we want money, no boxed gifts?  Would you feel a little taken aback by this request?  Would you think, "Wow, that was pretty ballsy of them to straight up say 'Give us cash'."?  I would.
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    Yes, asking for cash is rude! There is NO polite way to ask for it.

    Either don't register or do a small registry for guests who want to give boxed gift. Others will get the hint that cash is appreciated.

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    I posted something similar and was badgered with negative responses. Your better off googling cute ideas because 90% of the people on here think its rude. There are some cute quotes you could include to get the hint across.

    To those that think this question comes up a lot. Don't respond if your tired of seeing the question!
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