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Help- 2 questions. What to wear?

I'm going to an evening wedding & reception in two weeks at a country club and have no idea what to wear. I've never gone to a wedding at a country club and I don't know these people (my fiance does). Any suggestions? Casual dress? Cocktail dress? I don't know.

Question #2. Do the groomsmen and bridesmaids attire need to match? My bridesmaids all have this dress in this color (thanks to whoever posted this photo). While I bought the matching bowties for the guys just in case I think they would look funny in them and their black tuxes. And I prefer the look of regular ties. Our other color is a dark purple. Could the guys wear a dark purple tie? Would they wear this with a black vest or dark purple vest? I really don't have a clue and my fiance isn't sure either.
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Thanks for any advice or suggestions!
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Re: Help- 2 questions. What to wear?

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    A cocktail dress is generally a safe bet for evening weddings.

    I don't think blue ties would be weird, but I also don't think the GMs need to match the BMs. Personally, I dislike color vests with tuxes, so I'd go with black. But that's not a decision you'd be judged on... just go with whatever you and your FI prefer.
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    You're best bet would be to go with a cocktail dress. We had an evening wedding at a country club and that's pretty much what all the women wore.

    Your GM's attire don't have to match but I think they look best when they coordinate somehow. My BMs wore gold and my MOH was in chocolate brown so all of the GM wore black tuxes with chocolate brown vests and ties (regular, not bow tie because DH hates them). So they didn't necessarily match but the colors looked really great together.

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    Ditto suggestions for a cocktail dress.

    I think either purple or black would look good.  It depends, in part, on how much you want everything to be perfectly matched vs. complimentary, or if you want everything related to your wedding that is under your control to be in your chosen wedding colors.

    Our BMs wore dresses that was similar in color to those, and our GMs wore navy vests and ties.  I wasn't too keen on navy (particularly with black - I'm one of those people that hates black + navy), but it looked pretty good because it didn't put the GM in all black, but it also didn't look cheesy because it was too much color.
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    Thanks ladies! I was so unsure but I think we might go with the dark purple for the guys after reading your opinions. Also the BMs will have purple in their bouquets and the GMs will have a purple and blue boutonniere so I think it will be fine for them not to match in attire.
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    They don't have to match!  My gals are wearing red, and FI's men are wearing green ... The flowers will have red and green in them to pull it all together.

    I say wear a cocktail dress!
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