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I don't really know if I want to put up a gift table and a card box. May just be me, but I dont want it to seem like I am expecting  our guests to bring gifts and cards. (Although I definently wouldn't turn them away, lol)  What are some ideas to have a place for guests to put them,but also avoid looking like I am expecting them?

Re: Gifts and Cards...

  • What about hiding them under tables? You could tell guests to place presents and cards underneat the guest book table or the escort card table. 
  • Don't decorate the table.  Just leave one empty and let the staff, BP and parents know that it is for gifts.  I would recommend a simple box for cards.  While most people do not bring boxed gifts to weddings, they do bring cards containing money and they can be easily lost if just tossed on a table.
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