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Hi everyone, I keep seeing threads about the basics, adn the big items, and how much is too much.. but what about the little things?
I have a good sized list of $100-$200 items, and a few things $300+, but I can't think of many things apart from the basic appliances that we should add to the list.
I know it depends on who we are, what we have already.. but can some of you give me examples of those middle range items that maybe you didnt need, but a small part of you wanted, or thigns you didnt realize you wanted until you saw it in the store? We have about 120 guests, so we need a big selection in the reg.

Re: small registry items

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    When my friend received this I immediately wanted it. She uses it all the time and I can't wait to have mine.
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    This is something I really want that is pretty small as far as price... but I will go and buy it myself if we don't get it as a gift! 

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    Dust Buster, Crock Pot, small food processor, coffee grinder, attachments for our Kitchen Aid mixer, bathroom scale.
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    In Response to <a href=" BoardsForum:34Discussion:d7cf473f-79c6-43ba-9273-8a6f0c33a6c8Post:27470251-2f30-461a-891c-b3cc69c3eaef">Re: small registry items</a>:
    [QUOTE]I love my SodaStream soda maker. <a href="" rel='nofollow'></a>
    Posted by shortee426[/QUOTE]

    Thank you for posting this!! I have now added this to my registry!! :)

    OP - have you done all of the kitchen knick-knacks? Like pizza slicer, ice cream scoop, salad tongs, melon baller, etc?

    Or, what about mixing bowls, cookie sheets, tablecloths, TOWELS? People always seem to forget how nice it is to have new towels!
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    We are already living together, so we have a lot of kitchen things. There are some things that we don't really need to upgrade, but could, such as: waffle iron, crock pot, knife set, coffee maker.. but we have all the utensils in the world.

    We'd like to expand our dishware collection, and each set of the collection is between $30-$50, but I feel bad having that be most of what is available in that range.

    I just added towels and a scale to that list, thank you!!

    I feel bad putting things on there that I know I will never use, especially since we're military so we'll be moving a lot. Like the soda maker is awesome, but we honestly never drink soda..

    We've bought all the little things because we could afford them when we moved in together.. it's some of the bigger things that we really need..
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    Did you browse the small utensil section of Crate & Barrel, BBB, or Williams-Sonoma?  I thought I was set on small items but found quite a few things to add.  Some were replacements or duplicates of items that I use often, others were nifty gadgets that aren't really necessary but make life easier.  Off the top of my head I remember: another set of wooden spoons, nice silicone spatulas, a mini liquid measuring cup, small prep bowls, a spoon rest, a spice rack complete with spices, silicone muffin cups, a silicone baking mat, an icing spatula, a fish spatula, new oven mitts, an oversized pancake spatula, a nice corkscrew, a wine aerator.
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    i have this (and got it) from my macys registry. FI and I love stuffed peppers and I have never seen a pan like this!
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: small registry items</a>:
    [QUOTE]When my friend received this I immediately wanted it. She uses it all the time and I can't wait to have mine. <a href="" rel='nofollow'></a>
    Posted by Princesaambar7[/QUOTE]

    Yay!  I just got that as a shower gift, and I can't wait to use it.  Other mid-range items we have on our list: pizza stone (homemade pizza = yummy), new electric kettle, new measuring cups and potholders, placemats, tableclothes (including a table pad so we can protect our table) and napkins, serving utensils, food scale, trivets. 
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    Measuring cups and spoons, baking pans (all kinds - square, round, other fun shapes, loaf pans, cookie sheets, muffins, mini-muffins, jelly roll pans, cooling racks), utensils.

    Decor items like trivets, candles and candle holders, picture frames, vases.

    Also, kitchen towels, bath towels, serveware (like cake stands, basic platters or tiered servers).  Bathroom accessories.

    Doing this from memory, as I'm resisting the urge to look at my registries, as my showers are in a week and two weeks.

    ETA: Just caved and checked my Williams-Sonoma, which people haven't bought from yet.  Cocktail shaker, other types of glasses (margarita and martini glasses, for example).  Cutting boards.  Meat tenderizer & thermometer.  Microplane grater (want this so bad), prep bowls and mixing bowls.
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    hlq's post about cocktail shakers reminded me of an icebucket and wine set.  Also, do you have a mandoline slicer?  I didn't realize how useful it would be until we got one last year, and it is awesome. 
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    jessica, I almost mentioned the ice bucket and mandoline, but mine are more on the expensive side (W-S for both of them) and wasn't sure about the pricing elsewhere.

    I really want my mandoline.
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    Our less expensive items include basic barware, hangers, bottle stoppers, drawer organizers, kitchen glass canisters, Wii games, movies, faux fur throw, bathroom sets, pillow covers, towels, basic flatware, etc..
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    My Cake Stand!:

    Other small things: Collander, potato masher, napkin rings, napkins...
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    hlq--we registered a Caphalon ice bucket from Amazon, and we got a mandoline from Amazon as well, I think both are under $50.  The mandoline got me through the endless weeks of squash and zucchini we got with our farm share...eating veggies I don't particularly like is much easier when they're paper thin for some reason. 
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    Thank you!! Some great ideas in there.
    My mom had a fantastic slicer, I hadn't even thought about that.
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    Don't know where you are registering but here people often buy gift cards for the store where you register. Then you can combine to buy those bigger items you want!
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    We registered for a couple of small appliances, including a waffle iron and a crock pot.  Since we are going to the beach on our honeymoon, we also registered for a cooler and two beach chairs.
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    I am in your same situation, we are military and I will be moving to Japan after we get married - so anything we get, we can't even take with us, unless guests send it right to Japan for us. So, we added a few items that we really need (luggage is on our list too being military!), gift cards are always easy and various price points, and we also set up a honeymoon fund!

    Check out

    We aren't taking our honeymoon for a year out because we need to save for it, and because we are blessed with everything we already need in the house, this is a unique way to have people help. You set your own pricepoints for everything. You can then send great thank you's with pictures (maybe of you two scuba diving to the family member who paid for the experience)!
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    Pizza stones are great too. Other items beside kitchen stuff work... tools, camping gear, board games, anything that you and your spouse can do together. Picnic set. Think outside the box!
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    i registered for kitchen decor such as: napkin rings, placemats, table decorations, candle stik holders, etc
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