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Vow Renewal/ Registry?

So ladies Hubby and I are renewing vows next summer on our 5th wedding anniversary. we had a very small, just our parents and siblings ceremony the first time. So my question is do you think we should do a registry. I say no but a he says yes. Opinions please!

Re: Vow Renewal/ Registry?

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    No.  Registries are for weddings and babies.  This is a vow renewal.  It is really unlikely that people will get you gifts.
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    Nope. Wedding yes, vow renewal no. A registry is to help set up your household as a couple. If you're already married, you already have a household setup. Also, traditionally gifts just aren't given for vow renewals. Most people wouldn't think to get you a gift, so having a registry might make those people feel guilty. 
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    Ditto PP. It's not proper.
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    Thanks ladies that's what I thought too just wanted some back up :)
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    Remember that every family is different....While a registry is not needed, if you DO start hearing rumblings about people wanting to purchase gifts, you can drop hints about what your family might need via word of mouth.

    Your family could have a grandma like mine who decides to purchase a serving dish off my registry as a "valentines day gift" =P
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