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Do 3rd Weddings get gifts?

We're going to my FI's friends wedding this weekend. It's his third marriage. I'm snooped around and haven't been able to find them registered anywhere. Do we bring a gift? Money?
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Re: Do 3rd Weddings get gifts?

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    Gift card for a lawyer?

    Just kidding... I would write them a check IMO.
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    Do you want to get him a gift?  If so, I'd say check or GC or maybe a GC to a restaurant? 

    Did you get him a gift for his previous 2 weddings?  If so, I'd say you probably don't have to get him a gift.  But obviously I'm sure they'd like it if you did!
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    You can always give a gift if you like.  Etiquette says you don't register after the first wedding, so you probably won't find a registry for them.  

    I'd go with a GC for a date night, a restaurant, tickets, or something.  Otherwise, cash in a card always works.
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    I vote gift card for a restaurant they like. While I don't think there's a" rule" saying you have to/don't have to bring a gift to a third wedding, personally I'd feel like a jerk going to pretty much any wedding completely empty handed.

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    I would give money. You can't go wrong with that.
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    I also would probably do a gift card. 
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    Another vote for a gift card, or an Amex gift card (that they could use anywhere- like on their honeymoon) with a card and a note.
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    If you're going to a party where someone is providing your dinner and entertainment, it's in good taste to bring a gift. A GC is a great idea.
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