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Does anyone have recommendations for cookware sets? I'm all kinds of confused about what is the best product. Cephalon...Teflon. I don't understand what the differences are. Also, what is a good price range for having these items on a registry? $400+ seems a bit excessive. Help?!?

Re: Cookware Sets - Pots & Pans

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    I am registered for individual pieces of All Clad d5 cookware.  There was not a set that 100% fit my cooking needs and the sets are really $$.  The sets are often a better deal, so perhaps you could register for the pieces and the set?  Sometimes people go in on group gifts (I know I have) and they may pool their money to get you something super exciting/special.
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    Head over to America's Test Kitchen and read their recommendations (you can get a free 2 week trial).  They recommend a stainless set from Walmart that's about 1/4 the price of All Clad - it's what I bought and I couldn't be happier with it 3 years in.
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    We registered for a $400 + set of Calphalon.  I am definitely not expecting anyone to buy it, but if they do, great.  Otherwise, I will use the completion discount.  I don't want to register for a set that won't last.
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    I prefer stainless over nonstick because nonstick coating does eventually flake off (I'm skeptical about the whole cancer thing but flaking does occur).  If you go for stainless, I recommend getting a set that's fully clad up the sides, not just on the bottom.  "Clad" means that there is a layer of aluminum between two layers of stainless steel.  Stainless steel is a poor heat conductor but doesn't react with food, while aluminum is a great heat conductor (but does react with food so it has to be sandwiched between the stainless).

    Fully clad pots are a bit more expensive than pots with the clad bottoms - the ones with the clad bottoms only have thin sides and thick discs on the bottom.  Despite the price, they are worth it.  A lot of people swear by All-clad, but personally I hate their handles.  For a less expensive option check out calphalon tri-ply, calphalon contemporary, and cuisinart multiclad.  FI and I are registering for le creuset tri-ply, because it's heavier duty than the calphalon/cuisinart but a much better price than the all-clad.  I recommend going into a store and feeling them/seeing the sizes before you register for a set.
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    I cook a lot, and all my cookware was purchased individually, rather than a set.  I liked being able to select each piece myself, feel what it was like, and pick the items I felt I would use the most.  If you find a set where you feel like you will use everything, great. That would be a good deal for you.  When I register I will choose some new pieces open stock, so I will get exactly what I want in each piece.  If you don't feel comfortable putting a $400 set on your registry, then don't do it.  You know your guest list.  If you think they'd rather spend less, then register for individual pieces.  Cookware doesn't have to match, either.  I have all different brands and types of pans, because that's how I found qualities I like.  I have a few nonstick skillets that I use for cooking eggs and other things that stick, but everything else is stainless.  I like how it browns better than aluminum.
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    I have the Simply Calphalon and have been happy with them, although the coating wore off the frying pan and I eventually had to go to TJ Maxx and replace it which wasn't a big deal.  I might have been using the wrong kinds of utensils and should have been more careful.
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    We have Simply Calphalon (there are different levels of calphalon) and we love it.  I've been buying individual pieces but you really do save the most money by buying a set, watch for it to go on sale and you'll save even more.

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    In Response to <a href="">Re: Cookware Sets - Pots & Pans</a>:
    [QUOTE]I have the Simply Calphalon and have been happy with them, although the <strong>coating wore off the frying pan </strong>and I eventually had to go to TJ Maxx and replace it which wasn't a big deal.  I might have been using the wrong kinds of utensils and should have been more careful.
    Posted by meganb1977[/QUOTE]
    The life of a nonstick frying pan is only a few years, that's why they're so much cheaper than other pans.
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    It mostly depends on what kind of cooking you do. I woud not suggest an investment into nice cookware if you don't cook very often.

    Our cookware is all-clad copper core which is more expensive but I cook daily we eat out maybe once a month.

    I would suggest if you are just starting out to go with something that is mid range and basic. If you are an avid cook I would think you would want to choose individual pieces that you would need.

    I agree wit hRetread don't forget about cast  iron and dutch ovens. Like Lodge and Le Crueset.
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    My FI's brother is a chef and told me that "Cuisnart makes the best of just about everything for home kitchen needs".  I did register for them and I do not think that they are outragously priced.
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    I bought most of my cookware from the All Clad factory sale in Pittsburgh. It was 70% off so I really couldn't pass that up. That being said, I supplement it with "disposable" pieces from TJ Maxx (like non-stick skillets).
    My parents got a set of Farberware for their wedding 30+ years ago and still use it. I also think the recommendation for Calphalon is a good one, it's really great cookware.

    The only one I don't recommend is Greenpan, it loses it's non-stick quality way too fast.
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