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Hi Ladies - I am just curious as to what the most and least expensive thing is on your alls registry? 

Re: Most/Least Expensive Item

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    Least expensive:  I have lots of kitchen utensils around the $5 mark.

    Most expensive: Lladro wedding statue for $460.  Not really sure if anyone will get it for us, but I love it.

    Most expensive item that's been purchased so far: C&B leaning wine bar for $300.
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    Least expensive:  kitchen utensils, around $5 also.

    Most expensive:  food processor, $179.  But we had a pretty small registry and I was pretty sure no one would buy us anything more than about $150.  I was suprised that someone bought us the food processor!
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    least expensove: $1.50- serving utensils
    most expensive: $400 video camera

    Dont be afraid to put big items on your registry i had lots of people go in on gifts together, example- $300 pots and pans, $200 knives.
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    Least: $4 brown sugar bear
    Most: $450 Dyson vacuum cleaner
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    Least: Kitchen utensils, measuring cups, etc.  About $5

    Most: Flatware set for $250 and a Kitchen-Aid Mixer for $400 (shocked that we got both... hopefully when they were on sale!)

    Most things were in the $25-$75 range. 
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    Least expensive, kitchen utensils, most expensive, orrefors crystal, which is coming in at about the $200/set pricerange.
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    Least Expensive: $2.99 napkin ring (but we registered for 6 of them)

    Most Expensive: $499.99 for Calphalon Contemporary Stainless Steel 13-piece Pots & Pans Set (that my mom bought for us a couple of weeks ago, yay!!)
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    Least expensive: .50 tea lights from C&B
    Most expensive: $400 Calvin Klein Duvet cover

    Crazy generous gift given at our shower (we did not register for this, it was just given): Dining room table with chairs, $1600, from MIL
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    [QUOTE]Least expensive: .50 tea lights from C&B Most expensive: $400 Calvin Klein Duvet cover Crazy generous gift given at our shower (we did not register for this, it was just given): Dining room table with chairs, $1600, from MIL
    Posted by stephasuasu[/QUOTE]

    That is so awesome of your MIL!!!  My mom surprised us with our dishes and serving platters and I was so excited (the ones that we picked out were from IKEA and since they dont have a registry we planned on just buying them with our cash gifts after the wedding)
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    Least Expensive: Kitchen Utensils around $5

    Most Expensive: Dyson ($399)
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    I had a couple glasses of wine before registering and I jokingly registered for a tub of cosmo mix at BB&B for $3! LOL, I left it on there cuz... well I like cosmos! :D

    Our most expensive is a Kitchenaid mixer at $300.
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    Most expensive = $460 bedding
    Least exensive = some sort of serving utensil for about $5

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    Least expensive: Shower curtin hooks 9.00
    Most expensive: A headboard 400.00
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    Least - kitchen items around $5

    Most - Dyson vacuum around $500

    We have a lot of friends that are known for "group gifts" so we figured it doesn't hurt to put a few more expensive items on there in case groups of friends & family want to chip in & get us something bigger :-)
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    Most: $500 vacuum cleaner
    Least: $1 small glass bowls
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    Least expensive: miscellaneous kitchen utensils for under $10.00
    Most expensive: Kitchen Aid mixer for $300.00 (which we have already received)
    Most expensive thing that we did not ask for: bed frame and mattresses from my mom.
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    Our least expensive item is along the lines of everyone else's responses.

    Our most expensive item is probably our knife set, if someone purchased the whole thing together with the wood block.  However, for 1 single item, the most expensive is probably the Kitchenaid mixer.
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    The least expensive thing is around $1.  Little kitchen things
    The most expensive is around $300. 
    Most of the items were around 50-150.  I put a lot of things on there so people have options.  And we need a lot since we are just starting out and don't have a lot of the kitchen/bed/bathroom things.
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    My Darling Will registered for a $65, 000 robot designed by his college friend. I just want the Star Wars pancake molds...

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    Least expensive: one of those plastic garlic savers - $2.99.  FI thinks it's a waste of money (three dollars?!) so it ended up on the registry.

    Most expensive: 40" LCD HDTV - on sale right now for $549.00, but its regular price was closer to $700.

    Most expensive gift we did not ask for and already received: a week in my grandfather and his girlfriend's timeshare - we decided to go to Disney for a week, about 8 months after the wedding, as sort of a second honeymoon / birthday celebration for the FI.
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    Least: $3.95 napkin ring
    Most: $1300 chair
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    most is a le creuset dutch love love (hope i get it)
    least is like a spoon or something.
    i love that someone wrote a brown sugar bear, those things are cute and really do keep your brown sugar from becoming a cement block, my mom loves hers!
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    Most expensive: $475 stainless steel 7-piece pots and pans from Pampered Chef. We are not sure if we'll get them but we know they have a liftetime guarantee and I know people who have had them for 30 years!
    Least expensive: $1 citrus peeler, also from Pampered Chef
    Everything else from PC or BB&B was between $10-$75, we have a wide range of prices so that people have lots of options.
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    Least: bamboo placemats for $1.99 each
    Most: Calphalon One Infused Anodized 10-piece cookware set for $349

    And there's lots of items that have in-between prices. :)
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    The two most expensive are a vacum and a cookware set from Le Creuset.

    The least would be some kithen utensils.
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    Least expensive was a kithchen utensil for under $5 and most expensive was a cookware set for $599
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