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Yet another "non-registry" registry items thread

This has been beaten to death I'm sure, but I didn't see anything recent. I am a very practical minded type of girl. Is it really strange to put pet beds on our registry? We are planning to move into a new home with new furniture and darn it, I don't want my furry husky or my shedding pit bull mix all over our new stuff! Are pet accessories okay? Can I just really put anything on the list? I feel like I would rather have say, a closet organizer rather than a set of fine china! We are definitely registering with The Container Store (aka my mecca). Has anyone registered with Amazon and been pleased with the results?

Re: Yet another "non-registry" registry items thread

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    Closet organizer?  Okay.  Pet beds?   Maybe.    Dog chew toys or other things that are "for" your pet, and not "for" your home?  I'd side-eye.
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    I wouldn't register for chew toys haha. But that is funny. My line of thinking is pet beds so they will be less apt to lounge their furry behinnds on the new they would kind of be for the home? I am in a bachelor pad with bachelor pad furniture right now so they have picked up bad habits. Maybe we need to register for obedience classes Tongue Out.
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    I guess one or two pet-related things would be fine, but more than a few would seem weird to me.  

    I've heard of people who register for baby stuff (like changing tables and rocking chairs) when they aren't expecting, and THAT would be weird, as well as people who register for new linens for their kids' (existing kids that is) beds, and THAT is also weird.  

    But cute new food and water dishes or a pet bed?  I think that's fine:-)
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    Pet beds strike me as part of the "decor" of a home (but maybe that's just because my mom has always coordinated pet beds with the color schemes of the rooms we kept them in?), so I wouldn't think it was that weird.  

    In general, stick to housewares and home decor when registering.  Pet beds?  Fine, because they fall into "decor."  Closet organizers?  Also fine (housewares category).  Leashes and colors for Fluffy and Scruffy?  Nope, not really what the registry is for.  New X-Box?  Also not what the registry is for.
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    What if it's a colored xbox to match my decor? Cool
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    Pet beds = okay
    Dog food = not okay

    (yes, I actually just saw dog food [along with toilet paper] on a friend's registry - how tacky!)
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