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Appropriate Registries

I'm trying to make sure I follow correct etiquette and have appropriate registries. I made two accounts for Target and Macy's. I haven't really started them yet, I've been brainstorming what we need and I printed out the registry check list. I'm highlighting what we need and then I write down which store we plan to register for that item.

It says to have items at different price levels $5-up and I was wondering if each registry should comply?

My reason for asking is because our main registry is Target and the Macy's registry will be small because there are only a few really nice appliances we would like from there. I plan to register for the Kitchen Aid mixer, food processor, and blender, cuisinart cookware set, and the hotel collection towels I really like from Macy's. I was thinking about maybe trying to check the store out for some cheaper items to add, I just wasn't sure because I don't want to register for random things. Things like the kitchen gadgets, measuring cups etc. I was registering at Target.

But I want to do this correctly. What are your opinions?

Re: Appropriate Registries

  • It is generally a good idea to have things in various price ranges at both, but I also think it's stupid to just go around picking random things you don't really want to serve that purpose.  Maybe you don't have to have things in the $5 range in Macy's but a couple things in the $15-20 range might be good.  Like you said, look around the might be surprised to find something like you like that's not so expensive that you hadn't considered.  Also, if I saw that someone was registered at Target and Macy's I would just go ahead and assume that there would be more less expensive items at Target and if I was on a tight budget, I would just shop there.  But maybe that's just me.

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  • You want to have items in all price ranges at both registries. 
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  • I'd try to put a few smaller items on the Macy's Registry, but it sounds like you'll have towels, so I think that is good enough. 
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  • It helps to physically go into the store and browse through the selections.  A lot of retailer websites have different merchandise online as opposed to in-store, and many guests like to go to the store and see what the couple selected. 

    Good luck with your registries!

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    I was thinking of getting baking stuff from Macy's instead of Target to spread it out a bit more...I was looking online and I liked the Martha Stewart things and they are reasonably priced.

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