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Help narrowing down registry stores

I have 4 stores right now that I would like to register at- Target, Kohls, BBB and Macy's. I have about 150 guests, but my problem is that they have very different income levels. My fiance family usually has BBB as the lower end of their registries, while my families registries top out at Kohls at the max. There are many advantages and disadvantages to each one. How many would you pick, and which would they be?

Re: Help narrowing down registry stores

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    I will preface this by saying that I have no experience personally registering at Target, Kohl's, or BBB, but I have shopped registries for both Target (a baby registry, not wedding, though) and BBB.  No Kohl's experience.

    BBB has always been great--never had a problem finding anything and everything has always been in-stock that I've purchased.  I also have a collection of their coupons and love using them. 

    I found the Target registry super hard to shop from.  There was no rhyme or reason to how the registry print-out was organized and that made it confusing and frustrating as a guest.  Maybe it would have been easier to shop online?  I've also heard negative things about Target's return policy, but I'm not sure whether or not they've changed it.  Whenever I've had to return things that I've bought for myself or received as a gift from Target, I've never had a problem...

    I had a horrible experience at Macy's and refuse to shop the wedding registry there from now own.  Terrible customer service experience...I'd never, ever recommend to register there, but I know that other people (good friends of mine included) have had positive experiences there.  Just thought I'd put it out there...

    But I'd definitely do BBB!

    Good luck and happy registering!
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    We did BBB and Target. Most items were purchased off of BBB and sent to us.
    Figure out what you would like to register for and look at the different stores and decide what you like.
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    Macy's and BBB. Macy's has wonderful rewards and benefits and their return policy is really good.
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    i agree with macys and bb and b. i have had issues with returning to target. i got a lot of things from target that were a) duplicates because people dont know to bring the barcode to the registry or b) i didnt register for it and didnt need/want it. and if people dont give you a gift reciept (it happened to me a lot....not everyone knows to do this) they give you a VERY VERY hard time returning it.

    wherever you register, make sure you have items in all different price ranges
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    Rumor has it on this board that Target has a really crappy return policy.  So, that's something to keep in mind.  Of those four stores you mentioned, I would probably go with BBB and Macy's.  There's always coupons for BBB which helps your guests out.  Also, Macy's is always sending coupons to its cardholders.  Macy's has a really good bridal registry policy.  If you have a Macy's card then 5% of your guests purchases off your registry go into an account for you.  After your wedding, you're sent a rewards card with the amount from that account so you can buy whatever you want.  So that's something to keep in mind.

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    i would suggest just going to your top choice, setting up a registry, and see how it goes. when you really look around and start scanning you'll figure out pretty quickly if they have the stuff you want. if not, just move on to the next. you never have to tell anyone you registered there. try to go to the store at a time when it's not busy and you won't feel like you wasted the sales rep's time if it doesn't work out.

    we registered first at macy's and were planning to make that our only registry. both fi and i shop there regularly and like the quality of their stuff. but we realized pretty quickly that the type of items we liked there would be out of budget for many of our guests. so then we did a target registry and found a lot of practical items in a lower price range. that's what worked out well for us, but you know best what will work for your guests. just follow your instincts and your taste :)
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    I would also do BBB and Macy's. Those are fairly common and get a lot of positive feedback. I'm just registering at BBB (hoping guests will give cash instead).
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    I'm like a lot of people, I'm registered at BBB and Macy's.  I've heard good things about both, especially BBB.   I shop Macy's a bit, but it's a little harder to find things in a variety of price points (particularly at the lower end).  BBB has a better price range, and my understanding is that they have a great return policy.  They also send out a lot of coupons, which is nice.

    I know nothing of Kohl's registry.

    I have had friends register at Target (both for weddings and baby showers), and it's kind of annoying.  The Target registry sheet is confusing and hard to shop from.  It also doesn't keep the best count of what has actually been bought already, even when you hand the cashier the registry sheet(s).  So duplicates happen fairly often.  I can't speak for their return policy.  But if you have guests who are on a budget, it's worth considering.
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    We chose Crate & Barrel and BB&B for our registries.  I chose BB&B based on the fact that it's usually the most popular, and it's where I always choose to go to buy gifts for people.  It's easy, there's a lot of them and you can use 20% off coupons.

    C&B we did just because that's where the dishes were that we wanted.

    Kohls I'd definitely shop at because I have a Kohls card and know a lot of people who do as well.  From what I hear it's a pretty popular place.

    As much as I love Target I don't think I'd register there.  Never any specials and bad return policy.  Haven't heard about Macy's.

    We registered at two places and considered going with 3 but found everything we wanted at the two. 
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      We only registered at BB&B. We looked at Macy's and POttery barn but neither had a lot of stuff we liked. I think we saw 2 items at PB and 3 at Macy's, so it seemed silly to register at either since we only liked a couple things.
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    Try doing an on-line resgistry (like where you can add items from countless stores. That way you can cut your cake and eat it too!
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    We did Macys and Kohls and so far both have been really great!  Macys has a great registry rewards program and we've already received "registry gifts" from KitchenAid and Lenox just for registering for thier products.  Kohls was nice because they gave us the registry gun and a checklist and left us alone.  There were no nosy salespeople and both registries have been really easy to add/change online.
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    We did Macys and BBB…Both had MORE then enough items for us and we liked the fact that everyone has those 20% coupons for BBB and Macys is always having a sale… so even though the prices are a little consider checking the website at any random time and most of the home goods will be on sale J
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