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Wedding gift Monogram Error

My fiance and I just received a wedding gift in the mail from his grandparents really close friends.  It was a really beatiful towel set from Neiman Marcus with a monogram on it.  Unfortunately, the gift was bought online and the wrong initials were entered into the website which ended up on our towels.  And since it was the buyer's error, Neiman Marcus cannot do anything about it.  So now we have towels with my first and last initial and my soon-to-be last initial, but not my fiance's first inital :P... we're sending the gift-givers a thank-you note no matter what, but is it appropriate to use and display the towels, even with the incorrect monogram?
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Re: Wedding gift Monogram Error

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    [QUOTE]is it appropriate to use and display the towels, even with the incorrect monogram?
    Posted by ylime1207[/QUOTE]

    Why souldn't it be? The towel is perfectly good to use. So what if a letter is wrong? Make up your own acronym for it, lol!
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    If the monogram bothers you that much,fold the towels so the monogram is facing the back.

    Let me go check to see if the monograms on my towels is correct. Funny, I never even looked!
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    Sounds like a reason to  laugh while you use them. 
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    I agree.  A towel's a towel.  If it does bother you then flip them around so you can't see it.
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    Actually, that's the correct monogram format. Only recently has the groom's first initial been added. I'd suggest being thankful for the gift and for relatives who know proper etiquette. You can always buy yourselves another set with the modern format if you choose.
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    Good points girls!  And thanks flamingtwig72 for that piece of trivia!!
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