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NWR: Christmas List help please!

A little background:
I have worked as a full time nanny for a family for the past two years, and we're all pretty close.  I have gone on vacations with them, I stay with the baby while the parents travel, and we exchange gifts for Birthdays and Christmas.

Today my boss asked if I had an amazon wishlist (what everyone in their extended family uses) or anything like that, and when I said no (my family has always been very against gift-lists for anything except a wedding) she asked if I would consider making one, as she wants to get me something I'll love, but really just doesn't know what as I'm difficult to shop for.  This is totally true and I know it, so I made up a list.

I put on about 10 items, although 2 are books that only come used as one is out of print, and the other was only printed in the U.K.(not sure if asking for used items is technically correct etiquette) and 2 cds that are all under $10 each, then a sweatshirt, slipper-boots, an amazing wallet, and a couple dvd sets that range from $20-60.  
Is this an okay list?  They will be pretty much the only people using this list, and my boss knows it, so I don't want to mess up anything.

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