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Options, Sears, Kohls or somewhere else?

Hey knotties.  We're starting to explore registries and wondered if anyone has advice about some of the non-traditional venues?  Has anyone used Amazon?  We would love to register for some tools and outdoor gear for hiking.  Has anyone had experience with their return policy?  I've heard if you return the buyer gets the credit rather than the bride and groom, which would be embarrassing!

I've heard Sears can be arduous to deal with, can anyone confirm or deny?

We love Kohls but not sure about a registry there, anyone have experience? 

Anyplace anyone wants to recommend because they offer something great to the bride and groom or the gift purchaser?


Re:, Sears, Kohls or somewhere else?

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    i've heard a lot of good things abou but its not a specific store so you could register for all of the stores you listed and add those items to the one registry. you can add items from any store but theres also a list of a few on the website...i havent started with my registry yet but that's what i'm going to do
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    For outdoors sorts of things, REI has a registry option although those are fairly regional (Texas and the West Coast mostly) although they are online and if you are a coop member ($15 once) you can return ANYTHING at ANYTIME, used or new for $$ or a replacement. I love that store.
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    We registered at Sears for "man stuff" and I do NOT recommend going to the store to start your registry.  We started it online, but wanted to add stuff that we could actually touch (tools, grills, exercise machine perhaps) - no employee seemed to understand that we wanted to add to our registry in-store with the scanners, and when we finally got the MOD to come down (manager on duty), she wanted us to turn over our drivers' licenses and give her a bunch of personal information in order to even get a palm scanner.  Plus, she couldn't log into our registry, she wanted us to sit down in public and put in our private information to get to our registry.  It was a total mess.  However, our family members will probably buy the stuff from Sears for us.  We're anticipating getting a lot of duplicate gifts from the Sears thing because no one in store seems to have a clue about registries, but we really want the craftsman tools, grill, etc.  
    This could have been our local store, I can't speak for ALL of Sears, but that is the experience we had. 
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    We registered at Sears and had no problems adding items in the store.  They gave us the guns and told us to add what we needed and to let them know if we had any problems.  We didn't have too many people use but my close family did and DH was very excited about his tools. 
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    We used and BBB for our registries (our list was our all-inclusive registry and included everything from BBB too, but we opted for a traditional registry as well for our non-internet-using guests). Both registries were very easy to set up and use, and received a lot of positive feedback from our guests about as well. We are now expecting, and plan to use again for our baby registry.

    I think, though, that your decision should be based on a few things: 1) which store(s) carry the most items that you and your FI would like; 2) which store(s) are most convenient for your guests, and 3) which store(s) are easiest to work with and have the best return policies. We chose, for example, because half of our registry was home improvement items (faucets, light fixtures, etc.), and this was the easiest place to list those items. HTH!
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    i registered at Amazon, mainly because it has the universal wish list button that you can add ANYTHING from ANY website to your wish list/wedding registry. If there was only 1 or 2 things I wanted from a certian store, instead of making a registery at the store, I just added it at Amazon.

    I love Amazon - its where  I buy most of my christmas presents and do most of my online shopping (that and Overstock)

    I also registered at Target, JC Penny, and will propaly also register at Bed Bath and Beyond.
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