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Dillard's rant

I know that this board is probably full of them, but one more won't hurt ;0).  I'm really irked!

FI and I finally had an opportunity to go register last night.  Dillard's was first on the list, b/c having my own set of china has been a dream of mine since I was a little girl.  I should have walked out when the associate we finally located let out a hugh sigh when I told her we needed some help registering. 

It took her forever to get everything set up so that we could get a scan gun, and she was no help picking things out.  I wandered over to flatware and she asked what pattern I was going to register for, and I explained that I don't need flatware b/c I already have an antique set, but definitely would like a hostess set that looks somewhat alike, and she just turned around and walked away.

When we were finished (we didn't pick much out, annoyance and shopping don't go together for me when I'm shopping) she was nowhere to be found.  Another associate explained that she was wrapping some gifts, and that associate couldn't help us b/c she didn't know how to do a registry.  Did she know how to wrap gifts?  Couldn't she have traded places?

It really frustrates me to think that I am going to send my friends and family to the same store that gave me such grief.  It also turned something that I was looking forward to into a big fiasco.  Grrr!

However, we went to Target second, and found lots of stuff that we liked/needed and had a good time scanning to our hearts delight. 

Re: Dillard's rant

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    I'm sorry.  We had the opposite problem.  The bridal registry person at Macy's subjected us to 30 minutes of a sales pitch.  Both she and BBB girl kept finding us to try to get us to register for more expensive things.  One of them even told us that people want to buy as much as they can off a registry.  At one point, DH who has the patience of a saint lost it and told the BBB woman we would walk out if she said one more word to us.
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    Yeah, I have to agree.  Macy's was good, they didn't really bother us.  BBB was okay, the sales person kept telling me to add more stuff and more expensive stuff.  It was REALLY frustrating.  We were having a small wedding and having a HUGE, expensive registry jsut felt greedy to me. I finally just gave up trying to explain this to her, so I just added the stuff and then deleted it online at home.  I much prefered to register without help.
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