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We registered at C&B over the weekend...loved every moment of it.  However, not 1 single thing we registered for in the store has shown up online.  We have a few things in their that we have registered for on-line, but so far nothing new has popped up.  Did this take a while to show up for everyone else?  The lady at C&B said it could take up to 24 hrs to show up, but its now been over that, and nothing.

Re: Crate&Barrel Registry

  • Call them an ask. Ours showed up right away
  • yes ours showed up right away. Maybe when they used the little scanner it didn't upload properly.
  • Ours took about 2 days or so to show up, perhaps it took longer because it was pretty busy (probably 30-35 couples) - but I'd call to ask, it can't hurt to inquire!
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  • It finally showed up, thank goodness!  Well, we had the print-out so we knew what we had registered for, I asked them via online chat and they told me less than 24 hrs.  But, luckily it showed up this morning!
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