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advice: picture locations?

so my photographer loves to take fun off-site pictures between the ceremony and reception with the bridal party.... it's where we'll take fun and romantic pictures. the photog suggested some cool places, but most of them would cost $$$ to rent the space. i know i don't want to do anything like the arboretum, but wanted to see if anyone had some ideas for [free] places we could take unique pics? my ceremony is in north dallas (by the galleria) and reception will be in downtown dallas and don't want to travel too far, if possible
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Re: advice: picture locations?

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    Can you take pictures on the streets of downtown? I think those would turn out fantastic and would be both free and near your reception.

    Also, will there be a gap between your ceremony and your reception? If not I think you may want to reconsider whether or not it's worth it to you to miss the first part of your reception traveling to a new location to shoot some extra pictures.
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    I'm not sure if they still have this, but at Valley View mall they always had like a "mini carnival" there. I think it may be kindda neat to do some pictures there perhaps? I dunno...just an idea.

    I'm not exactly how far this is...but what about on SMU campus..or UTD..or even on the community colleges campus'? They might have artwork out there that would be kindda neat to do photographs.
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    I love portraits on the streets of downtown.  Those are always cool. 

    I would think your venue itself would have places that could work also.  I know there's no way I would pay money on top of what I paid for my photographer and wedding for pictures, no matter how cool they were.  Maybe just ask your photographer for a nice location that would be free.
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    My photographer took a trip to our venue about a month before the wedding to check out cool photo locations for after the ceremony with our wedding party. He actually drove around the town, and the venue, to decide where he wanted to take us so he had an idea when it came wedding day.

    You may want to suggest this to him/her. If they don't want to do this, I would drive around yourself that way you're not wasting precious time on the wedding day. You don't want to be driving around aimlessley while your guests are waiting on you.

    I also agree downtown would be cool, but you need to have specific areas mapped out of where you want to go. Downtown is a pretty big place! The more you have planned out, as far as what areas and backdrops you want, the quicker it will go and the faster you can get to your guests and party!
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    Deep Ellum would be cool...
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    Ditto Deep Ellum! That's where we did our E-Pics and they turned out great!
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    thanks for the advice! i'll talk more with our photographer and probably will drive around downtown this weekend to scope out some places
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