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Macy's Registry Printing

I'm so embarrassed! I registered for about 200 items in store and online at Macy's and some of those are like 4 towels or 12 place settings.

My brother and his girlfriend went to Macy's yesterday to print out my registry to buy me a Christmas present and they printed my registry from a kiosk.

He sent me a picture of what printed and I was was over 6 feet long!!! He said it printed on some sort of receipt paper but that is so embarrasing! I'm glad I found this out before one of my critical aunts went and printed it...I wouldn't have heard the end of it!

Has anyone else had their registry print from a kiosk? Is that standard....if it is I'm considering deleting tons of items so it doesn't print so long even though I love Macy's and think their registry benefits are better than other stores.

Here is a pic my brother took while it was still printing!

Re: Macy's Registry Printing

  • That is kind of hilarious. I've never had a registry printed on register tape, just standard 8 1/2x11 paper, but I've also never purchased a registry item from Macy's.

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  • That is standard for some places.  How many guests are you inviting?  You should register for twice as many items as the number of guests that you are inviting.  But you should include couples as one entity, since they will likely only buy you one gift.  So if you are inviting 200 people, or 100 couples, then you can have 200 things on your registry.  It's honestly better to have more things on your list for people to choose from than to cut things out because you think people will make fun of you.
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  • Haha that's really funny.  And yeah, I think most stores print from a kiosk.  But don't worry about it being excessive...200 items isn't that much unless you are having a really small wedding.  I wouldn't delete anything, people might think "wow...this is a ton of stuff" until they actually look at it and see that it's just the way it prints out. 
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  • Don't feel too bad.  BB&B gave me a print out of a registry and it was 32 pages long.
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  • Hahaah!  That is too funny!  But unfortunately, yes, at Macy's their kiosks use rolls of paper rather than sheets.  Not sure there is anything you can do about it other than cut back the registry, but if you have a large guest list you don't really want to do that.  How many people are you inviting?
  • We are looking at 100-125 guests, I guess I'll have to cut back on the list, we have a registry at Bed Bath & Beyond but I was hoping to have a lot of our stuff at Macy's since I like that you earn registry rewards on yours/guests purchases.

    It was pretty funny, my brother and his girlfriend got a kick out of it...hopefully our other guests will too!
  • I wouldn't worry about it. 200 gifts for 100-125 seems normal to me. Guests like to have options. Also, I know of friends who registered for a lot more than twice the number of guests because they were planning on buying a lot of things themselves and figured it would be cheaper to do it with registry completion incentives. The last time I bought something off a Macy's registry in person, the printout was also *really* long.
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  • The kiosk list at Macy's only lists items that haven't been purchased so it will definitely shrink as your guests start buying for you.  I wouldn't worry about it too much and I wouldn't delete anything if you like the perks at the store.

    That gift card will come in handy after the wedding is over =)

  • I also have a registry at Macy's.  I went in to print it off just to see how long it looked (I also registered at BBB and the registry was so long I needed to move some stuff off.  When I printed mine from the kiosk it printed on normal paper.  Mine is about 200 items too and it was only like 4 pages...
  • Most people order from online these days anyways, so I wouldn't worry about the long print out. More options for guests is better than less IMHO.
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