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Red AND white wine glasses???

While I initially fell in love with the fancy crystal wine glasses, thinking about breaking one crushed me even before I could register for them... Therefore, we decided to register for something a bit more affordable for now. 

I first thought that I would register for both red and white wine glasses but saw that my friend is registered for multipurpose glasses that she plans to use for both red and white wine. Are you gals registering for red AND white wine glasses or just one glass for both??? 


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Re: Red AND white wine glasses???

  • Do you think you'll have dinners formal enough where you'd want the "right" kind of glass?  If not, you can skip the different sets and go with one type of glass you like.
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  • I would like to have formal dinners but I don't see those happenning soon. I do like the idea of having both sets but I don't know how practical it would be to have them since it would also take up twice as much space in the cupboard. 

    What are you doing?
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  • My dad got us wine glasses last Christmas...DH and I do not drink but I was embarrassed one night when hosting a party when I realized I had no wine glasses for wine that somebody brought...I want to say they are the "multipurpose" wine glasses. In any case, we didn't register for any more. My mom had both kinds so I guess if we were more into wine I would want the different glasses. Depends if you guys host parties a lot or people that come over would appreciate it. Can't hurt to register for all 3!
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  • We're getting both sets. I'm not a big fan of wine, but my dad's hobby is wine - my parents travel to Napa frequently, and collect rare wines - so I knew that if I ever wanted to entertain my parents in the future, I'd need the right glasses.

    Beyond that, I think it's just nice to have both. Even if you're not entertaining a lot now, you might in the future, and can always store some of the glasses, and keep in the cupboard only the few you'll use.
  • FI and I are pretty in to wine so we definitely want red and white glasses (every day and crystal).  However, if you don't think they will fit your life style (like Tiffanie who doesn't drink) I'd just go with a multipurpose glass to save on cabinet space.

    Lenox does have a 50% off replacement policy if you are replacing a broken piece.  You could look into a lenox crystal if you change your mind on wanting nicer glassware :)
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  • We ended up registering for both for more casual use.  We got the RIedel pay 6/get 8 set (one set for red, one set for white, I cannot remember the specific types of wine we got, though--I'm not getting different glasses for pinot grigio versus chardonnay).  

    We are hoping to get some nice crystal, and I am leaning towards getting a wine glass and a water goblet.  I think for the purposes we will use the nice crystal, it's not worth having two sets of wine glasses.  

    I used to have generic wine glasses, and I never felt bad using them for any particular kind of wine, but the white/red glasses just feel more adult.  We also got a set of 4 stemless wine glasses (I think they are Spigleau), and I really like those.  It's a more casual feel, and I like to use them when I'm just having a glass of red wine with dinner. 
  • FI and I LOVE wine. He comes from a very Spanish family and they drink wine with all their dinners. So that means wine glasses a few times a week for us. 
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  • We registered for both red and white glasses. And ditto to the PP who mentioned the stemless glasses - those are great and are interchangeable between types of wine.
  • We registered for 14 china place settings. Should I register for 14 red and 14 white glasses (seems like alot) or is something like 8 each enough??? How many would you register for?
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  • We registered for crystal.  I wanted champaigne and wine glasses, so I had to pick something that would do double duty for red and white.

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  • FWIW, my mother was commenting at Christmas that she and my dad have been married 25 years and in that time have only broken 1 piece of crystal, and no china. The expensive stuff is expensive for a reason - it's good quality!

    I eventually want red, white, and water glasses, but we just registered for red and water glasses since we're having a smaller wedding, then we'll probably buy the white wine glasses ourselves in a year or two (like when we actually have a house to keep all of these things in)
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  • I owned an 8 person set of inexpensive red whine glasses.  So I registered for a fancy set of white whine glasses. 

    Register for what you think you would like and use.  There isn't a right answer beyond that. 
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  • I registered for crystal white wine & water glasses. Then I registered for a set of multipurpose wine glasses. I'm not a huge wine person, but when I do drink I prefer white or rose. None in my family are really so knowledgeable that they'd even know the difference in the type of glass, you know. No big deal for us.
  • My parents bought us 12 each of waterford crystal whtie wine and red wine glasses. So we're registering for an everyday set of white and red wine as well, but prob. only 8 of each.
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  • I picked the first option, but we actually registered for a set that includes 4 each of three types of glasses.  I really wanted wine glasses that were dishwasher safe because we drink wine at least once a week.  We definitely use the smaller two sizes the most, since we don't drink much red wine, but it's nice to have them and the set was pretty cheap (maybe $50?). We also have two champagne flutes, but if we were ever to have a party with champagne we would buy the cheap plastic flutes.
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  • We're doing red, white, and a set of champagne flutes.  FFIL likes to uncork a botle of champagne for everything.  I inherited some fancy crystal so we're just doing everyday stuff.  FI and I aren't SUPER into wine, but we have a lot of friends who are, so we're doing 12 of each.  We don't anticipate getting all of it, but we'll see!
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  • We have multipurpose wine glasses.  To be honest most people don't know the difference (wine lovers aside).
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  • I think we got one wine glass for both... we don't usually drink wine.
  • We are big wine drinkers. I asked my FI what he'd prefer and he said he'd prefer 6 of each kind of glass (red and white) instead of 12 multipurpose. So we are going with a glass for each, my first instinct. 

    Thanks to everyone for their advice!
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  • If you're super into wine, it makes sense to register for specific glasses for white and red. However, I recommend registering for more than 6 of each. I think that sooner than you expect you'll want more than six of the same kind of glass. Even if you're not hosting a formal dinner party, surely there will be a situation at your home where more than six people are drinking the same thing at once. Also, glasses break, etc. and it's great to have some extras on hand! Patterns get discontinued, etc. so registering for a few more is a really great idea if you're hoping to use these glasses for years to come.

    For what it's worth, we ended up getting a zillion glasses for our wedding. We registered for red and white (and other kinds of glasses as well) and received basically all of them, plus, for some reason, many people chose to go off-registry and get us OTHER glasses. I dunno - for some reason, everyone wanted to buy us glasses. So we have far too many. BUT... it's nice to have very complete sets of the ones we chose and love!
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