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OK, I'm registering for my Aug. 2012 wedding right now, at BBB and C&B. The background on this one is that we're currently living in Euopre (year long assignment that started last August) and the wedding is a little over 3 weeks after we return to the US. So, obviously I am super happy to be living in the era of the internet since everything has to be done either by me online (a certain somebody has 0 interest in wedding planning) or by my mom in the States.

I'm splitting the registries roughly along the lines of C&B for kitchen/dining goods, and BBB for bed and bath stuff (mostly linens), and things not available or way too pricy at C&B (BBQ grill, for example). I have two main questions on this front: 

First: for these stores is their online and in-store stock pretty much the same? This isn't so much a question for what the guest's are seeing so much as whether I'm seeing every option when I'm looking online, or if there's a lot of stuff that's not listed on the internet but that I might want/prefer.

Second: Are the linen options going to change drastically between now and July/August when most people will be doing their shopping? I don't want to have to constantly re-choose my towels and oven mits over the next several months.

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    Regarding whether the selection is the same in-store or online, that really depends. Some stores are larger than others or cater to a certain clientele. So, their selection may differ. If you have guests coming from all over the place, then just register online & they will likely have some things available in the store near them.

    If they're all coming from around the area your mom lives, perhaps you can do your registry online & then ask your mom to go to the store & see if most of those things are available.
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    I would have your mom go check.  BBB has sold the same linens for years.  That said, the quality has rapidly declined over that time span.  They get pretty crappy reviews.  You might want to consider a third store wher eyou put your linens - macys and pottery barn both get pretty good reviews for theirs, and again they've sold the same central stock for a long time. Some of their fringe lines change seasonally, but most of the central stuff has been the same.
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    Don't register at BBB for linens!  FI and I bought a set of queen sheets for a guest bed 2 months ago (they have been washed 5-10 times after being used) and there is already a hole in them!  That being said, I don't think they will be discontinued any time soon.

    The in-store depends on the location, especially with BBB.  My local BBB carries china, but others that don't "specialize in bridal" don't.  Also, a lot of the cookware, like Le Cruset, is only available online.  I would see if it is indicated as "available online only" for C&B and have your mom check it out.
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    These are questions you really need to ask the stores themselves as they will have the best knowledge about their stock turnover. As for online sales, generally there are MORE options available online than in the store, so I doubt you'll be missing out by searching that way.
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    I wouldn't recommend registering for linens if you don't have the opportunity to see/feel them in person. I can tell you that some of the linens at BBB look different online than in person. If there's one you're interested in and this would be an option for you, I would order a sheet set or something online so that you know exactly what you would be getting before you register for a bunch of it.
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