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International Wedding Registry - Help!

My fiance is from Texas, and I am from Saskatchewan (Canada).  We are holding our wedding in SK but then I'm moving to TX right after the wedding to live with him.  

This complicates our registry, because we do not want to ship/transport all of the gifts to TX as we will be flying and don't have the money to ship everything.  I intended to register at stores such as Macy's, Crate & Barrel, etc. but we do not have these stores in TX, and they require an American billing address to purchase online.  So far, I've used to put together a registry from various retailers, but it still doesn't solve the problem of many guests not being able to purchase the gifts we register for because they are in another country. 

My maid of honor suggested Visa/Mastercard gift cards, as they can be used anywhere.  I figured I would explain the registry situation on our website, and request that if they have a specific gift they would like to purchase for us, to make a note of it with the gift card - that way, the guests  would still feel like they were getting us something *specific*, not just giving us money. 

Has anyone else held international weddings, or had a similar registry problem? Any etiquette advice? I'm usually a fairly blunt person, but my mother has reminded me that there is a lot of etiquette that goes into weddings, and I really don't want to make anyone feel uncomfortable!
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