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How did you split your registries

FI and I are going to register this weekend. How did you split up what to purchase at what store? For some reason I feel like we don't have a lot of things to put on our registry but I still want to give people options. Also, Our current casual dinning is from JC Penney and FI feels that the store isn't popular (locations) enough to put on our registry. But they have the additional place settings and matching servers. Should I pick one or two stores (no jc penny registry) and just not put the casual dining stuff on there and purchase them with cash after?

Re: How did you split your registries

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    I think JC Penney is a common enough store.  I would just be aware of what is available online versus in-store only and make sure you have a good enough mix for those that like to shop online and those people who actually like to see what they're buying.  Maybe do one more other store like a Bed Bath Beyond or Macy's to give your guests options.  Those are pretty common too.

    A friend of mine got married and registered at Target for one of her stores...pretty common right?  Well, I didn't have time to order anything online for her shower so I went into Target to get something since the other stores weren't near me to go in person...only like 3 things were actually available in store!  And of course they were already gone.  This kind of frustrated me because I didn't want to pay shipping on a gift where there are literally 3 of the stores in a 20 mile radius of my house.  It was something I would have never thought of until I went to go buy a present myself.  I ended up buying her a shower gift that she didn't register for because of the time crunch.
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    I did 3 registries: Macy's, Crate & Barrel, and Bed, Bath & Beyond.

    I kept a few different things in mind when when deciding what items to put on what registry.  First, I made sure that each registry had a full range of price points so that someone could find a gift at any price point if they went to one of the registries. 

    I also tried to be aware of what type of items people would be looking to buy at each store.  So based on my mom's advice I put the china and crystal  (BB&B had the same pattern) on the Macy's registry because she felt that people who would be buying us those types of presents would be going to Macy's. 

    Also, be sure to compare prices.  Our china and crystal patterns were the same price everywhere, but BB&B had the Kitchen Aid mixer we wanted for about $100 less than Macy's and had our casual china for half the price of Macy's.
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    I would say to do what you want.  Why register for a pattern you less than love?  I actually think JC Penney is fairly common, having seen it in a number of smaller towns in addition to the big cities.  Even then people can buy online, so I don't get why that would be a concern.  
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    We made a list of things we definitely wanted to put on the list before we headed out to register.   If we didn't like the selection at one store, we put it on the other.  We ended up deleting some from the first store once we saw prices at the 2nd store, too. 

    Don't stress over your registry too much, it'll work out.  It's definitely been the one thing in wedding planning that hasn't stressed me out.
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    We're from two completely different areas (Nashville and Chicago), so we did split registries so we registered for everything we would want at different price points and still have some store accessible for everyone.

    We have four registries, but we didn't register for 200 items at each:

    Crate & Barrel: less expensive home goods like pantry canisters, library shelves, two pieces of furniture

    Bloomingdales: our china and Alessi, Nambe and Jonathan Adler pieces that are more our taste, so guests that want to give us something like a vase/serving bowl

    Williams-Sonoma: cookware, knives and cookbooks

    Tiffany & Co: few crystal pieces and sterling silver serving utensils for special holidays, etc.
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