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Wine glasses at BBB

I'm looking to register for some wine glasses at BBB but I'm relatively new to the wine world and don't really know what to look for. Is it ok to register for just white/ red wine glasses, or do you have to have both? Any brands that are good or that we should stay away from? Thanks!

Re: Wine glasses at BBB

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    Riedel is probably the best line that BBB sells.  You want thin glasses that are shaped correctly.  If you aren't big wine drinkers, no need for two different kinds.  That said, now might be the time to get both red and white.  Red wine glasses tend to have a larger bowl than white wine glasses.  The glass does change the taste.
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    we did Luigi Bormioli "Michaelangelo" for all of our drinkware and have been happy.  yes - consider both red and white glasses (michealangelo set has various sizes...check the luigi bormioli site to see them all side by side)

    I agree -- some sort of decanter or aerator would be a good idea as well.
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    Hrm, this is actually a pretty wide topic.

    Technically speaking, each class of wine has it's own glass.  In fact, individual varietals can have their own (ie Pinot Nior).

    However, to boil it down to something more sane, you should ask yourself which color of wine do you drink most?  Is it reds, or is it whites/rose?

    If the answer is red, then you want glasses that have a bigger bowl, which will allow more air to strike the surface of the wine, and aerate it.
    f the answer is white, then you want glasses that have a narrower bowl, to keep the exposed wine surface smaller, and will retain low temperature that way.

    I would personally advise that a host have a set of generic white wine glasses, and a set of generic red wine glasses.  That way they are prepared to serve both classes of wine to their guests, and can be flexible with food.

    Riedel IS a very nice brand, however it is excruciatingly easy to break their glasses (the walls are super thin).  They require hand-washing as well because of this.  I would instead suggest an italian brand of glass-maker, as they generally tend to have more wall-strength to their glasses.

    Hope that helped to clarify a bit.  If you have any more questions, let me know, I love the subject matter!
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    Ditto Peles on the Riedel glasses-they are quite nice but SO delicate.  I had a set of 6 and have broken all but 1.  All it's taken is a slight tap against something else in the sink--we hand washed them and everything. Now we use $2.50 Pier 1 wine glasses, and they've held up great.  I have no qualms about using cheaper wine glasses since we just can't keep the Riedel glasses long without breaking.
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    We actually have pieces from the "Vintner's 12-Piece Wine Tasing Set" at BBB.  It's only pieces now b/c it was FI's from college and we've lost/broken glasses along the way.  They probably aren't "top of the line", but they are nice sturdy glasses.  I don't have the problem of them chipping or breaking on me.  Plus having a 12 piece set is nice because it's 4 sets 3 different style glasses (white, red, and another style of red).  I'd personally register for 2 so you can service 8 and for the price, you can't beat it.
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: Wine glasses at BBB</a>:
    [QUOTE]we did Luigi Bormioli "Michaelangelo" for all of our drinkware and have been happy.  yes - consider both red and white glasses (michealangelo set has various sizes...check the luigi bormioli site to see them all side by side) 
    Posted by gymbugmj2k[/QUOTE]

    <div>Ditto this, except we did the LB "Crescendo" glasses. Both of the LB at BBB are made to be break resistant, and are dishwasher safe. I'm a huge klutz, and I've knocked over a few of our glasses and have yet to have one crack on me.</div><div>
    </div><div>Also, if you decide you only want one type of glass, they do have an "all purpose" glass that's supposed to work decently well for both. It's basically a bigger version of a white wine glass, so that the bowl is a little bit bigger to accommodate red wine, but the sides are tall and the opening similar to a white wine to keep it chilled longer.</div><div>
    </div><div>And FWIW, I pretty much only drink white or blush wine, and I'll drink it out of whatever you give it to me in. :) I actually really like the look and feel of red wine glasses, so that's what I use for my white/blus wine. Not saying it's right, but I think there are a lot of people out there like me who aren't picky about what we drink our wine out of. :)</div><div>
    </div><div>ETA: Stay away from the Libbey wine glasses. They break much more easily that most of the other glasses BBB has. They're good for if you're having a ton of people over and need cheap wine glasses that you don't care about getting broken.</div>
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    Thanks everyone for all the great info! I checked into the Bormioli brand and am really liking those and the break resistance factor since my FI is a bit of a klutz! :)
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    I would also register for some champagne flutes. It is helpful to have these around for those special moments, and may be neglected until you have to host a dinner party or some other celebration and have to buy them at full price.
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