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Is any one doing "Something old, Something new, Something borrowed, Something blue" I might do it but I think it's not necessary...Any thoughts??
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Re: Wedding traditions

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    I will not.  I remember hearing it as a kid at my cousins bridal shower, but I don't even know what it means!  Hence the skipping.
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    I think I'm going to!!  I'm hoping that my grandma will have something old for me! I'm going to have to look through her jewelry to see!!  Blue will be on my undies (they say Bride)...borrowed & new, not sure...I heard you can't count your dress as new..but hmm...
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    @ginadog, I feel you! At first I was going to do it but now I'm jsut going to forget about it all together..

    @Littlemoments Cool!!! I heard your dress can be that "something new" I don't see why not.. :)
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    I'm going to my aunt (aka my godmother) sent me a swarovski bracelet for Christmas that she wants to be my "something blue".  So I've got that covered, now for the rest...
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    i am going to do it!! i guess the only thing "new" (other than the dress) that i have is my shoes.  i inherited some diamonds from some relatives that i might use as my something "old". might get a cute blue garter for the blue....who knows what i will end up borrowing!
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    I am. Gotta find my "old" though.

    And I've heard both about the dress. For those who say the dress doesn't count is because of something about the dress being tried on by others before. It has to be something brand new. But I still think that's easy, there's a lot of new things you get for your wedding day!
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    Nope. It personally means nothing to me. But I can totally imagine my BMs bombarding me the morning of and forcing me to do it. 
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    Yep I will, but I want to make sure that they're all fun too.

    Blue: I'll have my BMs write stuff on the bottom of my shoes in a blue marker!!

    Old: My e-ring, diamonds are my grandmother's, very special to me, she died a year ago

    New: No idea, underwear maybe? I've heard that you cannot use your dress if you've already been in it.

    Borrowed: May have a brooch from my mom (she offered) to put on the stem of my bouquet.

    And I don't think I'm going to put a penny in my shoe.

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    My dress will be new, as are my shoes, and earrings, etc. I feel that it would be hard to have something completely new and never worn before as mekiakoo said; i want to try everything before to make sure it all looks good; thought the underwear is a good idea if you take it that far. 
    My something borrowed is my mom's veil; though I am changing it a little bit, and it may turn into something old and I will borrow something else. 
    My something blue is an aquamarine ring my grandma gave me, and I am tying it into my bouquet with a silvery blue ribbon too. This might double count as something old, but I plan to ask my other grandma if she has any earrings she doesnt wear, and I will use it as a hair accessory. 

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    I am doing it.  I have figured out everything but borrowed but I will probably borrow something from my mom or BMs.

    Old - very old handkerchief (great-great-great grandmother's) wrapped around my bouquet with three brooches on it representing my other 3 grandparents.  All have passed away and this is kind of my nod to them.

    Blue - I want blue shoes to match my BM's dresses :)

    New - probably underwear or jewelry since it seems like everything else is not considered new....

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    I am doing it. For my something new it is my dress, something old is my grandmothers wedding ring, my something borrowed is my petticoat, something blue not sure yet haven't gotten that far but probably like LM my something blue will be undies.
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