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Phtographer problem and only 3 weeks to go!

Help! My wedding is in CO in 3 weeks, I was discussing my shot list and details with my photographer this week when she informed me she had taken another assignment in California and was flying in the morning of the wedding and would possibly be late to take photos of us getting ready. She now has a flight getting in the afternoon the day before. However, I'm now nervous that with Colorado weather being unpredictable that she might be able to make it in. She does not have a back up but said she would call around the day of to help us find someone to cover. I've spoken with several photographers that think her behavior was unprofessional but not completely out of line to fly in the day before. I am however also questioning her commitment to our event since she even seriously considered flying in the day of the wedding and being late. Am I out of line to consider getting another photographer? Or is this just last minute stress getting to me? To complicate things she is my aunts niece, also the photographer who I wanted all along but could not afford has offered to do the wedding for the same price we are paying our current photographer. Any ideas?

Re: Phtographer problem and only 3 weeks to go!

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    If you really want the other photographer and feel weary about this one, I would break your contract and go with the other one.  You are most likely going to lose your deposit though, especially this close to the wedding.  You also need to check your contract and make sure you won't have to pay the full price.  I have to pay my photog 2 weeks before the wedding.I would be looking for another photographer because I'd be worried she couldn't be there the day of and doesn't have a back-up.
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    I think that now that she's flying in the day before it's a better solution.  FWIW, your cost wouldn't be the same since there's a very good chance you'd be out at least your deposit if not more than that due to the timing to your wedding.  If it's worth it to you to pay almost double for a photographer then go for the 2nd one but I'd relax a bit for now. 
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    I wouldn't be comfortable with a photographer who was unable to find and line up a back up ahead of time. It's up to you to weigh the cost of breaking your contract with this photog and hiring the new one vs. running that risk. If you have the budget to forfeit your deposit, it may be worth it.
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    Eh, this doesn't sound like an emergency to me. If her plan was to fly in the morning of, you'd totally have reason to panic. But flying in the afternoon before (I assume it's about 24 hours' lead time) is not at all inappropriate or unprofessional. The woman has a right to make a living in the days before and after your wedding in the places she chooses. You'd be out your deposit if you dropped her now, so be REALLY sure you want to do this. I'd hold off making any decisions for now. The fact that she doesn't seem too panicked about it should speak volumes to you. I don't think it's a sign of unprofessionalism at all. I have flown from CA to CO many, many times. Not only do about 30 airlines make the trip, it's very rare for a flight to be delayed so long that you are more than 24 hours late. It's not even a 2 hour flight coming from that direction, if memory serves me correctly. Definitely less than 3. So I don't get why you have these visions of her being two days late due to inclement weather. Unless you're hit by a storm of the century that shuts down the Denver airport for days and days, I just don't see it happening. And neither does the photog, which is why she made the travel plans she did.
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