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Should ex-mother-in-laws be allowed to attend her ex-son-in-laws wedding even though they continue to have a good relationship because her daughter and her ex have a lovely child together.

Re: Ex-mother-in-laws

  • Lisa50Lisa50
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    edited December 2011
    Sure, if the former MIL is invited.  Why not?
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    Allowed?  By whom?  Are you asking if it's acceptable to invite her?  Or are you opposed to the invitation and think there's some policy in the Second Wedding Handbook that expressly forbids it? 

    If the groom would like to invite her, and the bride is open minded enough to be ok with it, the handbook clearly states that an invitation can be offered.  (paragraph 63, line 17, bullet 3)

  • Marrin713Marrin713
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    We would have invited H's ex MiL had she not died unexpectedly.  He was always very close to her even after he divorced her daughter.  She was a very nice and warm hearted woman.
  • MikesAngieMikesAngie
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    Gosh Right1 - there is handbook? Wow, I didn't know that.  I do agree with your answer though.

    If all parties are agreeable there is nothing wrong with inviting the grandmother of the child to the wedding. 
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    Thank you for the advice. I thought that it would be alright....I didn't know how I might during this process but his ex-mother-in-law dates his uncle and they are both really nice.  I won't sweat the small things.
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    Invite her as long as everyone gets along. I really miss my fmil, and we haven't talked since I left my ex. If you can nurture those relationships everyone's life will be richer for it.
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    There is quite a span of years with my three children and my ex's family lives about an hour away.  We have had them at our home many times when my two oldest come back.  My FI is the one who added them to the guest list.  The majority of them still consider me part of their family and we have a lot of fun when we are together.  I don't see the issue as long as everyone is ok with it.

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    Where can I get my hands on this "handbook?"
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    My fiance wants to invite his ex-wifes mother and her sister to our wedding.  I totally disagree as this is not a public but a very small and intimate wedding of our close family and friends. Which many people wont be able to attend because our recept. number of guest is at 95. I dont feel comfotable with this and I dont want it ...Its my day as well and I should be happy about who is coming ....as well ...

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    I want to invite my Ex's mother.  I know its a little unorthadox to do this but she has always been like family to me.  I considered her family way before i married her daughter.  I have known her since i was 12. And even after the split I still consider her to be family.  My future bride does not agree with me on this issue.  What do you think about this????  Am i wrong????.

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