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TWO bachelorette parties?!?!

Our MOH and dude of honor don't live anywhere near us, and we don't have anyone else in our wp, so I more or less figured we wouldn't have a bachelorette party. Then a couple of friends said they wanted to plan a party for us, and asked us about either Dave & Buster's or a Korean spa. We voted for Dave & Buster's, primarily because we wanted something that the guys could go to. (It's not like there would be a separate bachelor party at our wedding.)Well, it appears they have now decided we should have BOTH--a mixed group at Dave & Buster's, and a female-only group at the spa. Having gone through my first wedding with only one party (and it was at work, and very low-key), I'm a bit overwhelmed!

Re: TWO bachelorette parties?!?!

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    How fun!  AND what great friends!  If you're ever feeling bad, you can always think how much these folks love you.  I didn't have the bachelorette party the second time. Instead my group of women friends --most of whom I've worked with at some time or another at our large agency--had sort of a combined shower and bachelorette party, where they shared their dreams for me, how they felt about me, and we ate a LOT of pizza, and drank a LOT of wine and beer, and then had ice cream sundaes to wash it all down.  It was a great evening, and especially meaningful because I was going through a rough time at work.  Have a great time at both of your parties!
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    Sounds Perfect! You will be surrouned by people that care about you and will have a wonderful time!!!
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    Sounds like tons of fun! Enjoy!
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    Yea how fun girl two parties I would be relishing in that. You two girls have a fun time with your friends. Whats Dave & Busters? Your wedding is just right around the corner. OMG I still have over 300 days to go. (Yikes)
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    [url=]Here's a link to Dave & Buster's[/url].  It's a restaurant/bar with a game room.
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