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Help--old Knot page vs. new Knot page!

Hello ladies--has any of you ever had a Knot page for your first wedding, and then gotten married a second time and wanted to make one again?I started planning my second wedding and already saved a bunch of stuff on this knot account, which is the original one I used for my first wedding. Therefore, I really don't want to delete this account and start a new one.That said, on the "MyKnot" page, there is STILL a picture of my ex and I, and I can't figure out how to get rid of it!!! I emailed the feedback email for this site but never heard back from them :o/ I have uploaded new pictures of my current guy and I, and the picture IS showing up on my community profile, but whenever I go to the "MyKnot" page that picture of my ex and I comes up. I deleted all of the information I could find about my first wedding...any idea why this is happening and/or how to get rid of it???TIA...

Re: Help--old Knot page vs. new Knot page!

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    OMG I was mortified when I went to put my new wedding info up on the home page..Thank goodness I was alone, because my ex's pic (only 1) and our wedding date with how many days it had been since popped up!  Luckily, I was able to get it off really fast!!  I dont remember how, I thin I just updated stuff??  sorry I'm not much help, I just thought it was funny that the same thing happened to someone else (probably many of us).  But now I see my sweet fiance's face, and it is all good!!
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    Yes, I think update changes everything...don't forget the webpage part too! I still haven't figured out how to change your profile name thou. ( I guess my name suggests why my first marriage didn't work out ;)  )

    The knot could definitely improve upon this--- maybe the ability to delete all?
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