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Gift Registry~ Opinions please

FI and I decided that we would go ahead and register for gifts, even though we don't really expect or want people to buy us things.  (We know there are people that will want to, and so on)   After the wedding my children and I will be moving in with FI and we will combine 2 households worth of stuff.  So we don't really need all the usual registry things.   We thought it would be fun to let the kids help us register and maybe choose things for their new bedrooms/bathrooms and just family type of things.  Is this tacky? bad ettiquette? What is everyone else doing about registering?

Re: Gift Registry~ Opinions please

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    I have read in various places that this is perfectly acceptable.    I think we are doing something similar.  To far away yet to think about what we are actually registering for.  Except a breadmaker!!!
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    We did not register anywhere.  Primarily because we have more than enough household stuff - 3 sets of china and 7 crockpots (really) - so I wouldn't know what to register for at the typical places.  When people asked, we said that gift cards would be useful.  Most of our family gave us cash, and friends gave us gift cards to various places (many to REI since they know we always need outdoor equipment).  I used JCPenney and Macy's gift cards to get much needed new bedding - and I bought much better quality than I usually do because they were gifts.I like your idea of family-use items.
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    I don't think it is tacky whatsoever. I think that is a great idea. Have fun with the kids in picking out stuff they will love that.
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    I toyed with the idea of a honeymoon registry. Our actual honeymoon is being paid for by us so anything extra is fine. At first I wasn't going to do until I spoke to FI's mom who wants to give us money for the honeymoon! I also going to do a regular registry basically to upgrade some stuff we do have (coffee maker, pots, pans, etc.).
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    yah- I don't think we would register for toys.  But possibly bedding and bathroom stuff for the kids.  (they will each have their own bathroom- for the first time ever)   Our wedding isn't until Aug 2010, so we aren't even going to start the process for quite some time, and who knows our thoughts could change 100 times before then.  I just wanted to get a feel for what people thought about it.  Thanks for the opinions ladies. :)
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    Hi I was in the same boat two families merging as one.  I see nothing wrong with your idea, the kids are part of this big family.  This is the second marriage for both of us and I have a teen.  Weddings, the first time around are about setting up house, second time around its about the unity of both families made into one.  Go for it!  My family side has already sent me gift card for me to use for the family. It may sound strange, but I registried at Wal-Mart.  They are in ever state and are easy to get gift cards to be use at your locate store, have fun with it.
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    Having them help register for their bedrooms and bathrooms is a great way to include them.  Including things like toys and such as pp mentioned is pretty tacky and out of place. I see nothing wrong with what you are proposing as long as they are household type items.
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