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Need opinion - problem with reception, should we switch last minute?

This is a second wedding for both of us.  We agreed to keep it simple, and wanted small, beachy and casual.  It was much more difficult then I expected.  It took us months to find the right place.We set a budget, and while we found most places were in our price range, they couldn't get past the whole formal wedding motif.We finally found the perfect place on the Jersey Shore, with a beautiful patio on the beach. We sat down with the banquet coordinator and the chef and explained what we wanted.  We gave them our budget and asked them if it was a number they could work with.  They agreed and we put down the deposit.Last week we sat down to finalize the food.  We were disapointed to find that they renegged on a few things they quoted us originally. Kids under 12 were supposed to be no charge, and a the open bar price was raised $5.  We brought up the subject, but they denied the quotes.  We felt that for the extra $400 it would cost us, it was really not worth arguing over, until...We received the final contract.  There were close to $4000 in add-ons and extra charges we had never discussed.I should add that my fiance and I have both been in the restaurant and banquet business.  We are well versed in appropriate pricing.  While we discussed a few add ons, as you can image we were quite shocked.This brought our total to almost exactly double the number we had originally asked them if they could work with.  We did question them, and they seemed surprised and even insinuated that we were being cheap.  Obviously we were furious.Today I called around and found a place - literally acrross the street from where we booked.They were thrilled to have our business, and they came in right on target for our budget.The woman that we delt with was more then helpful and accomodating, and the room is just as beautiful.  The only difference is that it has a view of the bay instead of the ocean.  The food comparable.When I got home, I found our original reception hall had emailed us and dropped the price.  They also shaved the only two pricey items from our menu - Filet Mignon and Fish and replaced them with flank steak and chicken.  They also told us to meet our budget they would have to change our affair to 4 hours instead of 5, but waived the ceremony fee.While I have always wanted a beach wedding, I don't think I can trust our first choice.  Any opinions?  Our wedding is two weeks away, I am giving myself until Monday to make the decision...

Re: Need opinion - problem with reception, should we switch last minute?

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    I'm so sorry you are dealing with such stress like that 2 weeks out.  I would honestly have to say that if it were me, I'd go to the 2nd place.  Your original venue has been very ingenuous about the whole thing and I just have no respect for that. That being said, picture in your mind how everything will look and proceed with each place.  when you are finished with that, which is the one that leaves you with the best feeling and leaves you with the vision you want to have of your wedding? Follow your gut on this.  It is usually right!  Good luck
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    If you're having a late afternoon /evening reception the bayside will probably offer a nice sunset view.Either way, I would dump the first place - I, personally, would spend the entire time up to and including the reception wondering what they would try to screw me out of next.
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    We had a beach wedding, and I recommend it to EVERYONE.  Here's the downside, especially in Jersey--the weather.  We married in Key West, so there is only a slim chance that we would be rained out.  But we also did not have any guests or attendants--we wanted it simple.  My definition of simple is obviously very different than yours, though.  Your "simple beach wedding" included filet mignon?  Dang.  That doesn't sound simple to me , and it probably didn't sound that way to the first place, either. I agree with the others--I'd drop the first place, but definitely figure out what you want, first.  
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    I agree with PP drop the first one.  Thats nuts! Why would you do that to people?  I will never understand that. Geez!!! Good luck wow I can't imagine my day being so close!!!    
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    Drop the first far it's three different quotes...better read all the fine print and have them initial every page if you decide to go with them. As far as the bay vs.'s still at the beach imo.    
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