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New to board - dress question

It's my 2nd his 1st (I'm 32 he's 28). Went dress shopping for the first time yesterday and I very much liked two dresses. I didn't get the this is THE ONE with any which I did my first time around. Does it happen the second time around?
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Re: New to board - dress question

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    I 'knew' when I found the dress. Although I didn't have a traditional wedding dress the first time at the JOP. I didn't find anything I even wanted to try on when I started shopping, and was very disappointed. So I started looking online and found dozens of possibilities. I got lucky and kept the first one I ordered because it was perfect. I would suggest you keep shopping . . . you still have a year to find 'the one'. Good luck!
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    I never had that moment with my dress for the second wedding.  And I tried on literally, over 100 dresses.  It was horrific.  I went for the dress that when I came out of the dressing room everyone there (including fi) gasped.  That was good enough for me. 
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    I have to agree with handfast it was the one that everyones eyes popped out of their head and they all loved it.
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