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Groom freak out... anyone else experience this?

Ok, so this past weekend my FI had a total Groomzilla moment... got very upset about me misplacing something, got upset because he feels like my kids and I are not doing enough in the house (he lives with us and is taking time off of work to do some remodeling before the wedding), also was very emotional because one of his son's best friends growing up was killed because he drove drunk... anyway he basically had a freak out session and almost canceled it all and walked away. We had several very long discussions... he apologized for over-reacting, said he DOES love me and wants to marry me in a month, and that he will try to keep his emotions in check and not let things get to the point where he blows up. I believe him and know that we are meant to be together (second marriage for us both).  I know stress does effect people a lot.Has anyone else experienced anything like this?[url=][img][/img][/url]

Re: Groom freak out... anyone else experience this?

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    I believe that it happens to all of us at one point. Stress affects people in all different ways. The good thing is to talk it out and work together, find out what he needs help with. I know my FI gets upset with me when I misplace something that is important, especially when he is stressed out with other things.
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    I made a comment about changing my hair color to blonde and he totally freaked out. Went on to say that he didn't marry a blonde and if he wanted to marry a blonde he would have asked a blonde. I laughed at him and told him that my hair color can be any color I want and that he had better change his attitude (btw would never change my hair color that drastically,but if I want to I will) a couple of days later I brought it up agian because it really bothered me. He realized what he said and apoligized to me. Your marrying me not my freakin hair!!!
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    First, I know your first and last name from your post, and where you live from your profile--you'll need to change your info to be safe.  With that info, lots of people here could find you easily stalk you.  There have been brides on the knot who've had their entire weddings cancelled by mean people.  Just a word to the wise. But now about your post.  I know we all lose it at some time or another, but I would wonder to myself if he would always threaten to leave, or is this just a one-off?   I might examine past behavior.  Is this going to be a threat hanging over your head for the remainder of your lives together?   
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    Handfast covered everything I was thinking.  Is this a one time deal for him or is he prone to outbursts of this nature?  If it is something you haven't seen before I wouldn't be as worried.  If this is his normal reaction to a lot of stress, I'd have to think long and hard  about that.
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    Thanks for the opinions ladies.  I should probably include that early last week one of his daughter's best friend's moms died of cancer... then on Thursday he found out one of his son's best friends (age 28, divorced with withree girls under the age of 7) drove drunk and got killed in a car accident.  So he was pretty emotional and still is.  We have talked again numerous times since then and just promised to be supportive and try not to let the stresses of life affect us to that point again. 
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