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Hair Issue - Any Hairdressers?

I got my hair cut and colored yesterday... I decided to change the color from a red with hilights to a dark blonde with highlights because that is what is normally fades out to anyway. But now I really don't think I like it... should I go back in immediately to have it "fixed"? Will it fry my hair? Should I just have more lighter blonde highlights added, then it will just look like I have hilights and lowlights? I know, I should have known better than to change it right before... lesson learned. What are your thoughts?Christina[url=][img][/img][/url]

Re: Hair Issue - Any Hairdressers?

  • heddabheddab member
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    Go back and talk to your stylist, I never recommend a big change for a bride, whether it be color or just a cut. Tell your stylist what you don't like about it and if you find a picture with the color you had in mind, that would be great. Also be sure to discuss with them your fear of damaging your hair and maybe do a treatment to condition or restruct your hair. Good luck!
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