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How to clean cloth shoes?

I have a pair of sparkly silver cloth heels that I want to use because they are very comfortable and already broken in... problem is, there is a mark on one of the back of the heels. What should I use to remove it? [url=][img][/img][/url]

Re: How to clean cloth shoes?

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    I would take them to a cobbler to ask.  If it's satin, and you use water, it will leave a watermark--an outline of where the water hit the fabric.  Also, it depends on what the black is.  If it's tar, it isn't coming out :-(   If it's just dirt, then a good cobbler may know how to remove it.  Or you could have the heels replaced, but it might be hard to match the other part of the shoes.  However, all the shoes that I've had the heels replace do feel a bit different after the replacement.  You may be stuck buying a new pair of shoes.  Bummer!  LOL!
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