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New Update on FI's Daughter

So we found out from Attorney that the judge denied his daughter's mother's petition to have Gerald to reliniquish his parental rights and allow her husband to adopt his daughter. Gerald quickly told his Attorney that he would not relinguish his rights. So we are still fighting for visitation. He found out that being a quarter Chawtaw has his grandmother is full blooded that according to the Tribal Law that he cannot be denied having visitation. He had to fill out massive amount of paperwork and send for his grandmother's birth/death certificates. He had to fill them out in tripicate and send them to many different states. I am hoping this is the end of this long horrible nightmare for my FI, and we will be able to have her soon in our lifes. Our wedding will not happen until we get her because FI does not want to marry without his daughter. I know that if the shoe was on the other foot I would hope that he would love me enough and support me to wait. It makes me mad that we have to put our lifes on hold because she is vindicative and unbalanced. What I can't wait my head around is that the Family Court Judges in Penn side with her, even when its been proves that all her allegiations are totally unfounded. Please I ask you friends to keep us in your prayers that FI will once again have his baby girl in his life. He is to totally lost without her. It makes me sad.

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