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I'm the MOH in my friends second wedding.  Do I throw her a shower?  She said she doesn't want one but it's her husbands first wedding.  What do you guys think?

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  • kmmssgkmmssg mod
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    I would say skip it.  Her DH isn't part of the picture when it comes to the shower.  If she says she doesn't want one, then I would abide by her wishes.
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    My friends really wanted to throw me one--but since I didn't really need anything, I didn't want to have one.  On top of that, since DH and I were planning a beach wedding with just the two of us (no guests, no attendants) it seemed not to be "proper"--whatever that means!  LOL. Anyway, instead of that and in lieu of a bachelorette party, they planned a girl's night at a friend's house with pizza, beer, ice cream.  They did this really nice thing--that instead of presents, they each told me what they wished for me in the future.  We had a lot of fun, and it was relaxed.  Just something you may consider. 
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  • jeannigirljeannigirl member
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    I wouldn't either is she mentioned she did not want one. Her FI's friends can throw him a bachelors party.
  • LesPaulLesPaul member
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    Agree w/ Handfast 100%.  If she told you she doesn't want one, I wouldn't.  Maybe a different type of gtg is more comfortable for her.
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    Agree - I don't want one and I really mean it.  I love handfast's idea, maybe you can do something low-key like that!
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    My MOH had a luncheon for me on a saturday. It was great, mostly lady relatives and a couple of friends (I think 10-12 people total). We had lunch, wine and tea afterwards.There were no toasters involved (although we probably could use a new toaster oven now). My cousins and aunt buoght me a palm tree necklace and another cousin and aunt gave me a spa certificate.
  • 2dBride2dBride member
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    Maybe I'm jaundiced by the fact that the whole idea of showers appalls me, but I'd be inclined to respect her wishes.  You can always throw her some other kind of party--maybe one that includes her FI, doesn't have gift giving as the main entertainment, and doesn't require her to find creative ways to sound enthusiastic about the third toaster she gets.  ;-)
  • kasper923kasper923 member
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    Thanks ladies, love the idea of a luncheon.  Found out the FI's mother's friend is throwing her a shower anyway and she's really not happy so glad I asked you guys first!
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