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sooo confused!

I really thought putting together my second wedding would be a breeze since i'd done it before, but boy was I wrong!  Being as it is my second "actual wedding" & my FI second marriage I'm trying to keep things very simple but I still want elegant & classy.  Initially I was going towards  deep red, ivory, & black(getting married in winter) as my color scheme.  We just found our venue & it is outside & has a country FI is a country boy at heart so this works out perfectly.  Only problem is that I'm no longer sure about my colors anymore.  Now I'm thinking about just Ivory & black but I dont know how that would look together.  I thought putting the BM in black would be great since they could pick out a black dress they would wear again.  My FI loves lillies but they arent exactly a flower with a "country feel"...I'm soo confused somebody please give me some kind of idea how to get my planning back on track.
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Re: sooo confused!

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    I would suggest that you back away from the details for a while.  You have a really long time until your wedding.  It seems to me that you are trying to squeeze the things that you love into some sort of theme.  If you love your venue, start there.  But if you really love the way certain colors look, I wouldn't abandon them just because they don't "match" the mood of the venue.  Lillies are beautiful, and if that will make you or fi happy, use them.  You can combine them with other flowers if you don't like the mood they set alone.  Honestly, at the end of it all--your goal is to be married.  The celebration with friends and family, if you choose that as well, will be far more important than the perceived conflict betwee the sense of country in the setting and the sense of elegance in the attire.  ~Donna
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    You do have quite a while to pin down anything. Often times we may change our minds about alot of things between now and then. Just relax and don't try to reason this to death. If you picked the venue that is one thing that you accomplished and you don't have to make it look country in colors/flowers and such go with what you and FI want. If he loves lilies than incorportate them into the centerpieces or wedding ceremony flowers. You can add other flowers to the lilies and give it a warm texture. Lilies has they are a summer flower may be a little pricy for the Winter season. you could use some of them in your centerpieces and also for his boutineer and his WP. The colors that you first selected can work and so can ivory and black.
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    I think you are over thinking things!!! Relax take a step back and Ivory and Black are classics of course you can use them and you have plenty of time. Don't let this wedding planning stress you out.
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