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Second Weddings

wedding hairstyle

Ok, I know this may sound a little "petty"...but the hairstyle that I picked out, I'm now starting to second guess myself...it reminds me too much of the hairstyle I had for my first wedding...am I freaking over nothing or should I change...just seems a little weird...my first wedding was small and in a church...my second wedding is more princess/medieval type and the hair matches that era...please help...

Re: wedding hairstyle

  • I don't think that's petty at all.  I actually took my first wedding hair into account when I picked one for this wedding.   Do you have pics of what you're thinking?  How similar are they? 
  • Yeah I have pics of what I want...it's actually the hairstyle that Taylor Swift has in her Love Story video...the one where she is dancing with the guy (she has two different styles in the video)...I know both have curls coming down and both are put up in the back with curls just in a different way...I know others probably wouldn't notice but I do...it would just feel weird...and thanks for understanding!
  • if you like it, it shouldn't matter. :) besides that's done and over with so you shouldn't even think about it!
  • Hey, you have the same head & face, right? It doesn't strike me as a big deal if the hairstyle you picked that looked good on you once before is similar to the style you find that looks good on you now.  ~Donna

  • As much as I have sought to not duplicate ANYTHING from my first wedding, I love Donna's response!
    ~~Mendi~~ ...Everyone has their price; mine's chocolate Photobucket
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