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Second Weddings

Veil for second wedding?

Last night my FI and I were talking about what he wants to see, how he wants the wedding to feel and so on. He asked me to wear a veil through the wedding, from the procession to the kiss, and I said I would think about it.

I didnt wear a veil for my first wedding, his first wife did. But Im not sure if its proper etiquette for a second wedding. To me a veil represents purity, but this being my second walk down the isle, and having 2 kids, Im not exactly what I would consider the epitomy of bridal purity.

What do you guys think?

Re: Veil for second wedding?

  • vexievexie
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    I wasn't going to wear one... but bought one 'just in case'.   For me, *if* I wear one it will only be tucked in underneath my updo and provide a bit of coverage to my back.   I'm a bit 'fleshier' than I'd like to be right now so having a mostly exposed back for the world to see isn't a happy thought lol.   I'd still prefer to just have a pretty flower facinator in my hair with a bit of a messy, low sidebun.    I'll see how I feel after my hair consult and next dress fitting.

    I think bottom line it comes down to what you want and feel comfortable with. The great thing about second weddings is that for the most part you can throw away all the 'shoulds' and really just do what you want.   I'd skip the blusher veil, though, if you choose to wear one.   Maybe instead of a long veil you could go with a more modern birdcage?  Just a thought.
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    I agree with PP. I personally am wearing a veil, although not a blusher. I've never gotten to wear a blusher but I tried one on when dress shopping and I really didn't like it... It's just what you feel comfortable with. There's no right or wrong way to do things here, just whatever you feel happiest doing.
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  • Lisa50Lisa50
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    I think it does not matter what his first wife chose to wear when they married.  Who really cares?

    Regarding Etiquette, since there is no requirement that a veil be worn for a first wedding, I highly doubt there is a requirement that a veil not be worn for a second wedding.  Choose what you want and go for it. 

    I did not wear a veil the first time and will not wear one this time.
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    I won't wear a veil.because I am not comfortable with the idea. But do whatever you feel comfortable with. That's the good thing about second weddings...YOU  will be really in charge of what you should or not do!
  • mybooboosmybooboos
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    edited December 2011
    I had no strong feelings on wearing a veil, but at the end, decided to order one (online for a LOT less than in the bridal stores!).  It's just going to be pinned in my hair in the back, no blusher. I'm using it as a fashion accessory - nothing more. 

    Do what makes you feel happy and comfortable.
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  • MikesAngieMikesAngie
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    I wore a veil, it was a very shear single ungathered layer, my mom requested that I wear one in her calm assuming motherly way.  It actually went well as it was tucked in under my top layer of hair.
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    I'm wearing a veil tucked under my hairdo. The tradition of the veil is really out the door in USA cultures! Do you even know why veils were worn?! Alot of people don't and I was researching it (yep I get bored and look up odd things!). Veils (specifically blushers) were used to cover the brides face because the groom generally didn't see her until they said "I do." Veils were originated back in the day when couples never met eachother until their wedding day (pre-arranged marriages). So it's really up to you what you want to do! If you'd like to wear a veil, wear it! No ones going to be sitting in the crowd saying "oh she's not a virgin she shouldn't be wearing that!"
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