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Update on MOH situation

So the girl that I wrote about who was supposed to be my MOH - she now wrote me a long letter begging me to be in the wedding!  Who does that????  I'm now scared that if she is even invited to the wedding she will cause drama and have to be escorted out!  What to do, what to do?

Re: Update on MOH situation

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    Don't answer the letter or tell her that you have already selected your WP but would like her to be a guest. It sounds like you don't so don't invite her to be a part of your day.

    My question is why are you scared that she will cause drama? You could always have someone escort anyone out if they get out of control.
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    She has talked of killing herself before if I stopped being her friend.  Now I think that if she is not in the wedding she might threaten to do the same thing!  I just don't need this stress.  She tried calling me earlier today, I didn't answer but she didn't leave a voicemail.  I think if I do invite her, we have already discussed having an escort "just in case."
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    Anyone who threatens suicide "if you..." is manipulating you.  The answer to "I will kill myself" is always, "that's a terribly frightening thing to say, and tells me that you seriously need help.  I am encouraging you to go to an ER if you are seriously considering harming yourself."  9 times out of 10 the answer will be, "obviously you don't care about me or you would..." and the reply should be, "caring about you means telling you that you need professional help."  The end.  ~Donna
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