Second Weddings

Hi, everyone!

I'm newly engaged to a great guy!  This will be his third wedding but my first.  I think I'm going to need lots of advice when it comes to dealing with his children (his daughter, especially).  Figured I would say hi to all y'all!  As soon as I can figure things out, I'll put in some pics and stuff!

Re: Hi, everyone!

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    Welcome and congrads on your engagement. I like your little siggy his bond girl, catchy! This is both FI's second go around (not to each other) LOL.

    Nice to have a new girl on the block we're all in the S block (hahaha) that just randomly popped into my head. Yes I try to be funny sometimes my FI will say to me do you think your funny. I say h*** yes I friggin hilarious.
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    Welcome to the board happy planning! I have 2 teenage daughters both 17 and an 11 year old. She will be 12 in February ugh how did that happen!!!???
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