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Family wedding - announcing the couple?

Okay, so we are having a small family wedding in 30 days and are really wanting to include all of our (2 are mine, 2 are his) children in the ceremony (10, 10, 7, and 5).  We've added some verbiage on our vows to include them but I'm stumped on one more thing.  Has anyone seen a wedding where they announced the new family rather than Mr. and Mrs.? I'm sort of torn on the last name stuff and thought maybe we could announce the family, but I have no clue if that even makes sense!!

Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

Re: Family wedding - announcing the couple?

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    And I'd like to announce for the first time in public (or whatever) Mr and Mrs Jadenimp --or Bill and Susie Jadenimp -- or Bill jones and susie jadenimp, ---and they are accompanied by their children Bobby and Roberta hislastname and Larry and Laura yourlastname.  The emphasis should be on "THEIR" children.  I wouldn't do much more than that.  ~Donna
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    We, too, are a blended family. He has 3, and I have 3-instant wedding party! We have dubbed ourselves "The Gaggle" because, well, there are 8 of us and we are a gaggle! I am considering having that worked into our ceremony-as it takes the pressure/awkward wording out of the picture when it comes to the last names-his,which I will be taking, his 3 already have, and my 3, with their father's last name. This way, it doesn't exclude the children that arent taking the last name. Not sure how formal your wedding will be, as I don't know how well my idea would work at an ultra formal affair. (we're getting married in a garden:)
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    I'm not big on the children being included in vows, but that is just me. We did do a sand ceremony that included everyone and the minister mentioned how the sand blending was like the family coming together, etc.

    However, only we (DH and I) were announced as Mr. and Mrs. The kids are part of the new family, but they still have other parents. If you are announcing the children, I would just say, Mr. and Mrs. Newname and their children, Mary, Joey and Jim (no last names for the kids).
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    Our boys 14,17 have relationships with their other parents and out of respect for that, we will not be intoduced as a family.
    I don't even know that I want a grand entrance with introductions. If we do have the introductions,  
    since the boys are in the wedding party they will be introduced ahead of us anyway.
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