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Second Weddings

Wedding Gift question

I'm just wondering if there is a protocol about giving a gift for a second wedding?
We got married this past Saturday (!) and several of our good friends did not give even a card. It's totally fine with me- we actually don't need much and some of them had gotten me an engagement present- but I'm just wondering what the "rules" are about this?

Re: Wedding Gift question

  • 2dBride2dBride member
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    Honestly, it doesn't really matter whether it is a first or second wedding--some people will not bring gifts.  And others will be horrified at the idea of attending and not bringing a gift.

    Our wedding was a first for NotFroofy, but a second for me.  I personally would never attend a wedding (first or otherwise) without bringing a gift.  However, we took the attitude at our own wedding that we would much rather have people attend without bringing gifts than to stay home out of embarrassment out of not receiving a gift.  If nothing else, this tends to avoid the insanity engendered by trying to figure out why people didn't bring something.  ;-)
  • Avion22Avion22 member
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    I think I would be a little bit disappointed if people didn't at least bring a card.  I understand that not everyone can afford a gift, and that you never EXPECT gifts.  But how hard is it to stop by the card aisle at the grocery store, spend two dollars on a card, and write a few heartfelt words of support to the couple?   Yeah, I'd be disappointed if people didn't even bother to bring a card.....
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    Some people have very different views about the "rules" that you reference (that don't exist).  People who were thrilled in our marriage came, celebrated, wished us well, and brought/sent neither a card or gift.  We did not keep a tally, and enjoyed & appreciated what we received. 

    Two good friends of DH gave us gifts 8-12 months later.   Still within the realm of acceptable, etiquette wise, and we were excited about them. 
    I went to a wedding where the couple did the "your presence is our present, no gifts please".  We brought a card, some brought gifts anyway.  ~Donna
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    Like everyone else said, there is no "rule."  We just recieved a wedding gift this weekend and we were married in June...sometimes that happens too. 

    I'd never attend a wedding and not bring at least a card, but people don't always treat us the way we treat them (or the way we'd like to be treated).  Be glad that they came.
  • annarb26annarb26 member
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    Thanks. I am very thankful everyone came- it was all the important people in our life. 
    I guess I was just surprised at a few people who did not even bring/send a card. I just wasn't sure if there was etiquette about this.
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    The want a quiet ceremony with close family and a few friends and then maybe a dinner after, not a reception with dancing. I guess what I'm looking for is ideas and etiquette suggestions for second weddings like this. I've honestly never attended a wedding for someone who's been married before.If some one has the suggestion,can seggestion me.The good suggestion are all welcome.
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